Sky Enthusiasts Will Meet in Sındırgı

Sky Enthusiasts Will Meet at Sindergi
Sky Enthusiasts Will Meet in Sındırgı

The Sky Observation Festival will be held for the first time between 28-31 July on Ulus Mountain in the Sındırgı District, one of the darkest spots in Turkey.

With its unique nature, natural beauty and clean air, Sındırgı's Ulus Mountain Sarıcaova location, which welcomes thousands of visitors in summer and winter, will this time bring together sky and science enthusiasts. The 1st Sky Observation Festival will be held in Sarıcaova Plateau, which is one of the darkest regions of Turkey where sky shapes can be seen clearly.


“Sky Observation Activities with Ethem Derman Hodja Sındırgı Sky Observation Festival”, which will be held in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Balıkesir Governorship, Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, South Marmara Development Agency, Sındırgı District Governorate and Sındırgı Municipality, will bring nature and sky lovers together. Astronomer Prof. Dr. In addition to Ethem Derman, astrology enthusiasts, professors and nature lovers from all over Turkey are expected to attend the Sky Observation Festival.


The guests, who will camp in the unique nature of Sarıcaova Plateau, will enjoy the natural beauties, sun and fresh air during the day, as well as spend time with scientific trainings and local activities for children and adults, and witness the visual feast in the sky at night. Space and sky-themed competitions will also be held in a festive atmosphere. In the daytime trainings, the participants will also be given direction-finding trainings by looking at the stars at night. Turkey's largest telescope will also be established for those who want to watch the visual feast, stars and planets in the sky.

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