Rules We Should Pay Attention To To Prevent The Formation Of Insulin Resistance

Rules We Should Pay Attention To To Prevent The Formation Of Insulin Resistance
Rules We Should Pay Attention To To Prevent The Formation Of Insulin Resistance

Acıbadem International Hospital Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Specialist Dr. Bilge Ceydilek explained the rules that we should pay attention to in order to prevent the formation of insulin resistance; made important suggestions and warnings.

Dr. Bilge Ceydilek pointed out that the incidence of obesity and type 2 diabetes, where insulin resistance is almost always seen together, is gradually increasing in the society, “So much so that according to the 2019 report of the Economic Cooperation and Development Organization; We rank first in the prevalence of obesity in Europe. It is possible to explain all these increase rates with changing socioeconomic conditions. We move less and burn fewer calories as a result of developing technology, increasingly uncertain working hours, and the disappearance of the home/work place distinction. In addition, access to reliable food is getting more and more difficult with each passing day due to economic impossibilities, environmental pollution and climate changes. Lack of access to safe food means either turning to cheap food with simple carbohydrates or being more exposed to endocrine disruptors in our air, water and soil.”

Dr. Bilge Ceydilek said the following about the rules to be observed:

“Avoid shock diets to lose weight in a short time. Instead of heavy diets, popular diets and diets containing one type of food, the benefits of which have not been proven, make it a habit to apply sustainable and healthy nutrition programs that are suitable for your eating habits and daily life, including a variety of nutrients.

Watch out for ice cream and cold drinks

Pay attention to the contents of refreshing drinks and ice creams in the summer heat. Prefer those without sweetening syrups, sugar and cream additives.

Avoid prepared foods

Stay away from ready-made food and packaged products as much as possible. Especially during the pandemic period, when the house was closed and the restrictions were lifted, out-of-home nutrition increased a lot. Intensively processed products containing additives, sugar or dough make up the vast majority of out-of-home nutrition. Instead, choose meals that contain sufficient protein, fat and fiber, and whose carbohydrate needs are provided from whole grain cereals, fruit and vegetable groups.

Exercise at least 3 days a week is a must

At least 3 days a week, provided that it is brisk; Make it a habit to do moderate-intensity activities such as walking, swimming, cycling, running and jumping rope. The duration of exercise should not be less than 30 minutes per day and 150 minutes in total for a week.

Do not extend dinner

Avoid eating until late. Pay attention to the frequency of extended dinners during the summer season. Pay attention to the amount of fruits with high glycemic index, which we think will be an innocent snack after dinner; The fruits should not exceed roughly a handful.

don't be sleep deprived

Being awake at night causes the expected decrease in stress hormones during sleep, and a secondary increase in glucose and insulin levels. Against sleep problems; It is important to reorganize working hours and rest hours, which have become uncertain due to technological progress and remote working.

Get a doctor's opinion

If you are in the risk group, it is very important to get a doctor's opinion. If you have a history of diabetes in your family, if you are overweight or have a thick waist circumference, if your baby was born over 4 kg, if the sugar test results were high during pregnancy, if you have menstrual irregularity, hair growth and excessive acne problems, do not neglect to consult your doctor.

If you have these symptoms, watch out

Insulin hormone, which provides glucose uptake into cells in fat, muscle and liver tissues, initiates intracellular events in energy metabolism. When insulin resistance develops, there is a decrease in the cellular effect of insulin and glucose cannot be taken into the cell, and there is excessive insulin secretion from the pancreas. Due to these changes in glucose and insulin balance; Problems such as frequent hunger, fat around the waist, sleepiness after meals, fatigue, sweating, menstrual irregularities, excessive hair growth, frequent and widespread acne may develop. “

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