Attention Factors Triggering Obesity!

Attention to Factors Triggering Obesity
Attention Factors Triggering Obesity!

General Surgery and Gastroenterology Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ufuk Arslan gave important information about the subject. Obesity is an eating behavior disorder that occurs as a result of excessive fat accumulation in the body and is also a chronic disease. Obesity does not only pose a problem in terms of physical appearance; It is also a medical problem that causes other health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, joint problems, and cancer. There are many reasons why some people have trouble losing weight. Obesity usually occurs as a result of a combination of hereditary, physiological, psychological and environmental factors. Unhealthy and irregular diet is one of them.

Excessive and wrong nutrition and lack of physical activity are among the most important causes of obesity. Many factors such as age, gender, hormonal and metabolic factors, psychological problems, applying very low-energy diets frequently, and some medications cause obesity.

Increased sugar, cholesterol and other metabolites in the blood due to obesity may precipitate into the blood vessels and cause serious atherosclerosis in the heart. In this case, it can cause sudden death.

Sleeve gastrectomy, known as 'tube stomach', is the most frequently applied bariatric surgery method in the world today. It is an easier method compared to other surgical methods, and it is performed laparoscopically through 1-4 holes of approximately 5 cm from the abdomen. The duration of the operation takes about 1-1 and a half hours. With this method, the normal physiological structure of the stomach is preserved, the stomach is formed into a tube shape and thus early saturation is provided.

With this surgery, approximately 80-90% of excess weight is lost within a year. The advantages of this surgery are that the physiology of the digestive system does not change, there is no anastomosis (new connection) between the stomach and the intestine, there is no need for lifelong use of vitamins, the duration of the operation is shorter, the revision is easier, diarrhea and dumping syndrome are not seen. Among the disadvantages are weight regain of up to 20-30%, increase in reflux complaints in some patients.

Assoc. Dr. Ufuk Arslan said, “As a result; First of all, it is recommended to be protected from a serious disease such as obesity, and if it is not possible, to lose weight in a healthy way in the first place. Today, surgical methods are applied with very low risks in patients who cannot lose weight despite 6 months of diet and lifestyle changes. Although it is not the first preferred method, it should not be forgotten that the most effective method of losing weight is obesity surgery.

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