Non-refundable Scholarship Support from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to 75 Thousand Students

Non-refundable Scholarship Support to Thousands of Students from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Non-refundable Scholarship Support from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to 75 Thousand Students

IMM will provide non-refundable support to 75 thousand students with a scholarship of 4 thousand 500 TL in the 'Young University Support' project, which it has been increasing for three years. Applications are made through the website “”.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) continues to support students in Istanbul, the city with the highest number of students in Turkey. With the scholarships, students and their families breathe a sigh of relief.

Scholarship Criteria

İBB provides scholarship support by evaluating the needs of associate and undergraduate students and their families, who or their families reside in Istanbul. Applications for 'Young University Support' are made through the website of “”. Students who apply or their families must reside in Istanbul. The system will be put into service at the end of September, when the placements and registrations of the universities in Istanbul are completed, and the scholarships will be offered to those who qualify in three installments as of October. Open education and distance education students, those in paid exchange programs, graduate and doctorate students, and those over the age of 25 will not be able to benefit from the scholarship. In order to benefit from the scholarship, the student must be studying at a state university or a foundation / private university with a 100% scholarship. Mid-year and senior year students are required to have at least 53 out of 4 or 2,00 out of XNUMX at the end of the year. Detailed information about the project and criteria can be found on the website “”.

Project History

Scholarships are given on a non-refundable and interest-free basis. Within the scope of Young University Support, 2019 thousand 2020 students were provided with scholarships in the 29-423 academic year, which is the first term of the project. In the 2020-2021 academic year, 33 thousand 763 students received scholarships, while 2021 thousand 2022 students received scholarships in the 51-992 academic year. While the support made in this period is 3 thousand 200 TL in total, 2022 thousand 2023 TL non-refundable scholarships will be given to 75 thousand students in the 4-500 academic year.

Required Documents

  • Photocopy of identity card
  • Proof of not having a criminal record / disciplinary action
  • Proof of birth certificate
  • Student certificate and transcript showing grade status
  • Scholarship certificate
  • disciplinary document
  • Documents showing the financial situation of the family (Income certificate, payroll, etc.)
  • Photocopy of disability report of himself or his family members, if any
  • Documents showing siblings who are studying, if any (Only siblings who are active students are taken into account)
  • Document containing the student's bank account information
  • Student's Istanbul Card Information

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