NAR Neighborhood Meetings Against Violence Made a Difference in Muğla Milas

NAR Neighborhood Meetings Against Violence Made a Difference in Muğla Milas
NAR Neighborhood Meetings Against Violence Made a Difference in Muğla Milas

İzmir Journalists' Association (IGC) completed the last of its 'NAR Project' neighborhood meetings in Güllük, Muğla.

In the meeting attended by the citizens of Güllük, Milas Mayor Muhammet Tokat, CHP Muğla Deputy Suat Özcan, İzmir Journalists Association President Dilek Gappi, İzmir Women's Organizations Union President Huriye Serter, Lawyer Birgül Değirmenci, Psychologist Nermin Üstüntaş took place as speakers. In addition, CHP Milas District President Tüze Çetinkaya, Milas Deputy Mayor Halil Mutlu, CHP Women's Branch Management, Güllük Neighborhood Headman Ali Polat and people from Güllük participated in the event.

İzmir Journalists Association President Dilek Gappi emphasized that they want to raise awareness in order to prevent all kinds of violence and pointed out that violence is not acceptable. Expressing that they put forward the NAR project to combine professional goals with social expectations, Gappi said, “When we were creating our project, we first named it and said NAR. Because we wanted to have hundreds of 'Pomegranate Ambassadors' to help the individual who was subjected to violence, even if he appeared alone. I would like to thank the Mayor of Milas for his sensitivity to the issue.”

“We Must Fight Against Violence Against Women”

Speaking at the meeting, Milas Mayor Muhammet Tokat emphasized that intense efforts should be made to end violence against women. President Tokat said, “Unfortunately, violence against women continues to increase day by day. We, as Milas Municipality, are implementing many projects for women. Our colleagues continue their work within the Department of Women and Family Services. We will realize our Love House project as soon as possible.”

“We Closed Our Neighborhood to Violence”

After the other speakers completed their presentations, the shopkeepers of Güllük were visited. During the visit, stickers with the words "We Closed Our Neighborhood to Violence" were stuck on the windows of shops and businesses.

Within the scope of the 'Communication Project Against Women and LGBTI+ Oriented Violence-NAR' project of Izmir Journalists Association (IGC), supported by the Netherlands, it is aimed to transform the language of violence in the media and to create social awareness. The 'Pomegranate Project' will be completed in September.

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