Mordoğan's Waste Water Problem Will Become History

Mordogan's Waste Water Problem Will Become History
Mordoğan's Waste Water Problem Will Become History

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's waste water treatment leader, has put the 70th facility to operate in this field into the service of Mordoğan people. İZSU General Directorate announced that the waste water of the region will be treated in this facility after the parcel connection procedures of the subscribers are completed. Stating that they are working not to leave a single settlement in İzmir without treatment, the President Tunç Soyerstated that this investment is of vital importance for the tourism paradise Mordoğan.

President Tunç SoyerContinuing its activities with the aim of making İzmir one of the exemplary cities of life in harmony with nature, İZSU General Directorate put its 70th wastewater treatment plant into service in Mordoğan. With the commissioning of the facility with a treatment capacity of 11 thousand cubic meters per day, Mordoğan's wastewater problem will become a thing of the past.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerStating that they are proud of reinforcing the superiority of İzmir, the leading city of Turkey, in this field, with treatment investments, said, “We will not leave a single settlement in İzmir without treatment. We are working towards this goal, establishing new facilities, renewing existing facilities and increasing their capacities. We have also refined Mordoğan, whose population has increased rapidly in recent years, especially in summer. This investment is vital for Mordoğan, a tourism paradise. I wish you good luck," he said.

Underlining that only İZSU in Karaburun has spent 143 million liras for infrastructure, Soyer said, “Thanks to these investments, we increased the number of blue flags on İzmir's beaches from 49 to 66 in three years. "This is a picture of pride for all of us," he said.

Waste water will be disposed of without harming the nature

The facility, which started to serve the subscribers whose connection procedures have been completed, will treat the wastewater of the entire region after the applications and parcel productions are completed. The water treated with advanced biological method at the facility will be disposed of by deep sea discharge without harming the nature.

Subscribers need to complete the application process as soon as possible.

Subscribers must complete their parcel connection procedures and applications as soon as possible so that the 110-kilometer new sewerage network, which has been completed in the Mordoğan neighborhood of Karaburun, can transmit wastewater to the facility without harming the environment.

Explaining the issues that subscribers should pay attention to in accordance with the provisions of the regulation of discharge of waste water to the sewerage network, the General Directorate of İZSU announced that the owners of the houses with mains water subscribers will be able to cancel their septic tanks and directly connect the waste water installations at the exit of the building to the duct connection manhole located at the parcel borders with the manufacture of new pipes.

All homeowners who do not have a mains water subscription should apply to the İZSU subscriber services unit before connecting to the sewer network.

Since the sites and residences with a waste water treatment plant are subject to environmental legislation, whether they have a mains water subscription or not; both to the İZSU Subscriber Services unit and to the Provincial Directorate of Climate Change, Environment and Urbanization before connecting to the sewerage network, regarding both the connection to the sewer network and the deactivation of the waste water treatment plant. It is important that the residences that have a sewerage network on the road on the parcel front but do not have a waste water parcel manhole apply to the İZSU subscriber services unit as soon as possible.

Treatment completed, blue flag arrived

Ardıç Beach, one of the most important touristic spots of Mordoğan, had a blue flag hoisted the previous day, and in the evaluation made by TÜRÇEV, it was emphasized that the purification investment of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality came to the fore in giving the blue flag to the beach.

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