Make Sure You Choose The Right Tire For Your Tractor For Fuel Economy

Make Sure You Choose The Right Tire For Your Tractor To Save Fuel
Make Sure You Choose The Right Tire For Your Tractor For Fuel Economy

What do you pay attention to when choosing a tractor tire? Durability, longevity, traction, comfort… In short, we know the importance of tractor tires for maximum performance in the field. But can a tractor tire also be decisive in terms of fuel economy? The domestic and national brand ÖZKA Tire, which leads the agricultural and industrial tire industry with its strong production infrastructure and wide product range, answers this question.

Choosing the right tire is one of the most important factors affecting the performance and fuel consumption of your agricultural and industrial vehicles.
You can be sure that the agricultural or construction equipment tire you choose will directly affect the performance and fuel consumption of your vehicle. The life of the tire, its quality, durability, tread structure, and performance related to adhesion will affect your vehicle. Especially on tractors and work machines, radial tires apply less pressure to the soil thanks to their wider footprint than conventional tires. The tooth structure spreading on the ground grips the soil and provides more traction with the same power. Pattern selection is very important on asphalt and high speed tractors for fuel saving. With the Agrolox pattern, which is newly developed by ÖZKA, which provides high comfort both on the field and on the road, it is possible to achieve significant fuel savings.

Setting the tire sizes recommended by the manufacturers in new generation tractors does not harm the tractor mechanics and thus minimizes fuel consumption. If the tire sizes are not selected correctly, a contracting tractor causes extra fuel consumption. Tires optimized in terms of rolling resistance and mileage positively affect the operating cost of the vehicle.

Pay attention to the correct tire pressure…

Another factor that will affect your vehicle's fuel economy is tire pressure. Using tires with the right pressure will help you drive safer, reduce wear on tires and optimize fuel consumption. If your tires are not properly inflated, this can lead to reduced tire life, increased fuel consumption and safety issues. It is therefore important to use the recommended level of tire pressure, not too much or too little.

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