Inspections Started to Prevent Forest Fires in İzmir

Izmir Began Inspections To Prevent Forest Fires
Inspections Started to Prevent Forest Fires in İzmir

Following the ban on entry to forest areas brought by the Izmir Governor's Office due to the forest fires that broke out one after another throughout the city, the municipal police personnel of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started inspections in these regions. The police teams, which keep critical points under control, also prevent them from entering forest areas.

In order to prevent forest fires, unauthorized entry into forest areas was prohibited until October 31, in line with the decision of the Izmir Governor's Office. In order to support the implementation, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Police Department also carries out inspection and control activities in forested areas. It is aimed to prevent situations that may cause fires with the checkpoints created on the roads leading to the forests, especially on weekends, and with the patrol teams on the forest roads. Police teams, who keep watch at critical points in terms of forest fires, also intervene in the initial fires. A hard work is also being carried out to identify those who do not comply with the ban on entry to forest areas.

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