High Risk of Cyber ​​Attack During Summer Vacation

High Risk of Cyber ​​Attack During Summer Vacation
High Risk of Cyber ​​Attack During Summer Vacation

WatchGuard Turkey and Greece Country Manager Yusuf Evmez emphasizes that it is possible to be protected from hacker attacks with 5 cyber security measures that can be implemented.

Specially prepared cyber security policies and procedures are considered very important for the data owned by companies. Hackers, who are after identifiable personal identity information, aim to reach more data by targeting companies as well as individual cyber attacks. Stating that the platforms and businesses where a large number of people come together for this purpose and where instant and high online spending is made are especially preferred by hackers, Yusuf Evmez emphasizes the importance of implementing cyber security policies in areas where hacker activity is encountered during the holiday period. In addition, Evmez adds the determination of allowed data access and usage limits for company employees as an additional measure that companies can take to protect the data they collect.

It is seen that hackers are the big prey of the individuals who go on vacation, especially if their cyber security awareness is not sufficient. Stating that there are situations in which those who go on vacation should be careful, Yusuf Evmez makes 5 suggestions to avoid being hunted by hackers on vacation.

Minimum device, minimum number of attacks. The easiest way to avoid cybersecurity threats during your vacation is to limit the number of devices that can be hacked. Taking more than one technological device with you while traveling can be challenging in terms of providing cyber security. In particular, minimizing the number of these devices that contain a lot of data will be an easy security step.

Remember the danger of public Wi-Fi network. During your travels, it is important for your security to avoid making financial transactions, sharing data about your companies or sharing personal information over public Wi-Fi. You should take care that devices do not automatically connect to networks. Attacks known as Evil Twins are common in resort areas. Do not forget that it is possible for you to be hacked through the units used to charge your device at rest and gas stations.

Don't skip the multi-factor authentication solution. Having access to many accounts on your computers and phones may cause you to lose control by clicking on links in e-mails that you did not pay attention to during your vacation. Especially attackers who are after company data will try every way to reach identity and user information. It is important that you have a solution that will protect your accounts on the go, in a mobile way.

Recent updates and review your privacy settings. You need to check the privacy and security settings on all your devices. Monitoring your location on devices such as smartphones and tablets can create great excitement for hackers. Applying cyber security updates for your devices by software takes you to a safer area in the cyber world.

Digital traces pose a risk in rental cars. Your digital footprint in rental cars, which are frequently preferred during long-distance vacations, threatens your cyber security. Although it seems risk-free to use Bluetooth in vehicles to make calls and listen to music, not deleting your information before returning the vehicle can create a cyber security vulnerability. The fact that the security is weak in vehicles with IoT-based hardware can also be seen as a warning for digital trace clearance.

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