Giant Electricity Delivery of 89 Units from Karsan to Europe

Giant Electricity Delivery from Karsan to Europe
Giant Electricity Delivery of 89 Units from Karsan to Europe

Offering high-tech mobility solutions with the vision of being 'One Step Ahead in the Future of Mobility', Karsan continues to be one of the most important players in electric mobility in Europe. Taking firm steps towards its goal of tripling the electric export figures it set at the beginning of the year, Karsan delivered Europe's largest electric midibus fleet at the event. Within the scope of the project, Karsan sold a total of 6 e-ATAKs to 89 different operators to operate on Luxembourg's inner-city and inter-city lines. Carrying out most of the sales to Sales Lentz and Emile Weber, operators leading the electric transformation of the city, Karsan has completed the delivery of 76 vehicles with the event and plans to deliver the remaining vehicles by the end of July. With the e-ATAKs that will be put into service in Luxembourg in mid-July, Karsan has the largest electric midibus fleet in Europe.

Karsan, one of the leading companies in the Turkish automotive industry, continues to offer high-tech mobility solutions to export markets. Continuing its overseas expansion in 2022, Karsan, the pioneer of electric mobility, signed the sale of Europe's largest electric midibus fleet with its e-ATAK model. Entering this year with a three-fold growth plan in exports compared to the previous year, Karsan stepped up the gears and sold 89 electric buses to operate in Luxembourg's inner-city and inter-city lines. E-ATAKs were delivered at an event within the scope of the project implemented through HCI, in which Karsan is a 50% partner and manages the sales and service network of the Karsan brand in France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland.

Turkey's largest electric bus export from Karsan!

Karsan's entry into the city of Luxembourg with this project also succeeded in becoming the largest electric bus export and the largest electric bus fleet delivered by Turkey and Karsan at once. In this way, Karsan becomes one of the biggest shareholders in the transformation of its bus fleet to electric in Luxembourg, which accelerates environmentalist steps to zero carbon emissions.

“Luxembourg's and Karsan's perspectives on the future match exactly”

Karsan CEO Okan Baş said, “As Karsan, we have made nearly 3 percent of Turkey's electric minibus and bus exports in the last 90 years. This is a very, very serious achievement. Karsan's perspectives overlap with a country like Luxembourg, which has an environmentalist approach, works to reduce its carbon footprint and seeks solutions to the world's global warming problem. As Karsan, I am very happy to be a part of its electric transformation and to deliver such a large electric bus fleet to Luxembourg, which has accelerated its environmental activities in order to zero its carbon emissions.”

The European market leader, e-ATAK, has become the largest electric midibus fleet not only of Luxemburg but also of Europe!

According to market data (Chatrou, 2021), Karsan e-Atak, the European segment leader with a 2021% share in the electric midibus class of 8-15 tons in 30, is now conquering Luxemburg. While a total of 2012 electric buses over 2021 tons were registered in Luxembourg between 8 and 161, the Karsan e-ATAK fleet of 89 that will serve in the country will be the largest electric midibus fleet not only in Luxembourg but also in Europe. While the Luxembourg market expands in public transportation with the sale of 89 Karsan e-ATAK units, Karsan seems to have a significant share in this market. Karsan will continue to accelerate the electrification process of buses in Luxembourg in the upcoming period.

“We will continue to grow with electric vehicles in Europe”

Emphasizing that Karsan, which succeeded in breaking new ground in electric vehicle tenders in 2021, has carried out important projects in growing markets such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and Lithuania, Karsan CEO Okan Baş said, “After this delivery of 89 units, Karsan's largest electric vehicle The vehicle fleet is in Luxembourg after France and Romania. Karsan's electric vehicles, which are present in 19 different countries around the world, continue to spread in countries such as France, Romania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria. Our fleet of more than 350 Karsan electric vehicles continues to serve on the roads in Europe. "This year will be a year for us to enter new export markets with our electric models and achieve triple growth in electric vehicles compared to 2021," he said.

Karsan e-ATAK will also serve between cities in Luxembourg!

Karsan e-ATAK, with its new comfortable passenger seats with seat belts developed specifically for the market, will serve in intercity public transportation lines in Luxembourg as well as in urban transportation. Taking its power from proven BMW batteries with a capacity of 220 kWh, Karsan e-ATAK's 300 km range is the leader of its class. With its 8,3 meter length and 230 kW electric motor, it can be charged in 5 hours with e-ATAK alternating current charging units and in 3 hours with fast charging units.

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