Göztepe Ataşehir Metro Line Has Been Waiting for Treasury Approval for 6 Months

Goztepe Ataşehir Metro Line Awaits Treasury Approval for Months
Göztepe Ataşehir Metro Line Has Been Waiting for Treasury Approval for 6 Months

İBB completed the construction of Ümraniye Küçüksu Caddesi - Çamlık TEM connection road, which it started on August 18, 2021, before 1 year was up. The project that will end the traffic ordeal of approximately 3 thousand citizens living in 200 districts; IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluwas opened by Ümraniye Mayor İsmet Yıldırım and Beykoz Mayor Murat Aydın. Stating that they decided to build the road, which was opened, after their visit to Ümraniye Mayor Yıldırım in 2019, İmamoğlu said, “If we were a Mayor who did not visit our Mayor of Ümraniye, if we were a Mayor who did not talk to him, we would not be able to hear the sensitivity of our esteemed Mayor. If we could not feel that sensitivity, maybe this job in the bureaucracy would be a job tossed around among dozens and hundreds of jobs.” Imamoglu, in his request to speed up the metro line that will pass through Finanskent, which is located within his own district borders, said, “We have a loan approval for our Göztepe - Ataşehir metro line project, which has been waiting for 6 months, unfortunately, in the Treasury approval process. It became one of our metro lines, where we found the source and set off immediately. And we are working hard to open this metro line together with Finanskent. So we're going full throttle. We didn't interrupt it, but why wait 6 months?" she replied.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) completed the construction of Ümraniye Küçüksu Caddesi - Çamlık TEM connection road, the construction of which began on August 18, 2021, before the end of 1 year. The opening ceremony for the line that will serve approximately 200 thousand citizens living in Ümraniye, Beykoz and Üsküdar and drivers transiting; Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Ekrem İmamoğlu Ümraniye Mayor İsmet Yıldırım and Beykoz Mayor Murat Aydın attended the ceremony. In the ceremony, respectively; İBB Deputy Secretary General Buğra Gökçe, Yıldırım and İmamoğlu each made speeches.


Listing in detail the stages the project went through and the benefits it will provide, Gökçe said, “Within the framework of the principles and principles defined by science; We are here with a climate-friendly and sustainable transportation solution that produces low-cost, flexible and fast results. so to speak; With this shortcut 'golden touch' made to the TEM highway, a shortcut was made over the TEM connection road to the Ümraniye junction, which is mandatory for the Kandilli Küçüksu, Bahçelievler, Yavuztürk neighborhoods of Hekimbaşı, Topağacı, Dumlupınar, İnkılap, Elmalıkent, Kazım Karabekir and Üsküdar districts. This golden touch has shortened the road by 7 kilometers and has provided road and fuel savings.


Yıldırım, who came to the microphone after Gökçe, said, “Without this communication between units and institutions, it is not possible to provide this service. When our Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality told us about this place during their first visit to us in 2019, they instructed us to "make sure we do this place". However, both with the permission of our ministry and with the instruction of our Metropolitan Mayor, it has become a very small but very functional crossroad for our Metropolitan Municipality. A new 'Finance City' is coming to Ümraniye. There is also a huge load coming from our financial city. Tunnels etc.; I guess there will be some road works both by the ministry and by our metropolitan city. But the most important is our metro line. If you have the opportunity to finish our metro line there in a very short time, we will really take that load of Finans City with that metro,” he said.


İmamoğlu was the last speaker of the opening ceremony. Stating that such rational plans provide regional relief by reducing the traffic density, İmamoğlu said, “My friends, they called it the 'golden touch'; it's a nice recipe. It is certainly possible to make such golden touches in many points of Istanbul. As Buğra said, if we increase our concentration to 30 points by the end of the year, maybe a little more, and if we contact 39 districts, it is possible to increase the number of them even higher. We have to do this,” he said. Reminding that they have recently put into service a road and intersection work similar to the road and intersection work they will open between Avcılar and Beylikdüzü, İmamoğlu said, “This type of work of our friends, whom we describe as the 'golden touch', produces very useful works for Istanbul.”


Expressing that when he received the information that the project was over, he wanted the opening and the mayors of the host districts to be invited, İmamoğlu said:

“We always invite our host mayor wherever we go. It is impossible for them not to be involved in this process. They are in the process. But the reason why I especially want this opening; because we see a result of common mind and common stance here. In other words, if we were a Mayor who did not visit our Mayor of Ümraniye, if we were a Mayor who did not talk to him, we would not have been able to hear the sensitivity of our esteemed Mayor. If we could not feel that sensitivity, maybe this job would be a job tossed left and right among dozens or hundreds of jobs in bureaucracy. But the people chose us in order that we serve to talk together, think together and produce solutions together. In this context, I sincerely thank the Mayor of Ümraniye for revealing these priorities to us during our visit and for forming a part of that transparent process with us. This is how service works. It wouldn't happen otherwise.”


Emphasizing that Beykoz's Yenimahalle, Göksu neighborhoods, Ümraniye's Hekimbaşı Topağaç, Dumlupınar, İnkılap, Elmalıkent, Kazım Karabekir neighborhoods and Üsküdar's Kandilli, Küçüksu, Bahçelievler, Yavuztürk neighborhoods will be positively affected by the road and intersection they will open, İmamoğlu said, “This is what we are talking about. the result of dialogue and solidarity; We have accomplished a task that will facilitate the life of almost 200 thousand Istanbulites,” he said. Referring to Finanskent, which Ümraniye Mayor Yıldırım mentioned in his speech, and his demand to speed up the metro line needed in this region, İmamoğlu said:

“Like all our districts, Ümraniye is one of the most important districts of our Istanbul. As our President stated; It urgently needs some investments because of its intersections, transportation axes and important centers within itself, especially the TEM highway. Of course, Finanskent is an important issue. It's a huge construction site. About 100 employees are mentioned. The process here was one of the first metro lines we handled when we arrived. It had stopped and had no source. It became one of our metro lines, where we found the source and set off immediately. And we are working hard to open this metro line together with Finanskent. Thank you for opening this issue. Let me say this to our Secretary General: With your immediate participation; There is Ataşehir in close proximity. Maybe we need to include Üsküdar as well. I think that three Mayors and we should set up a table there and discuss this process together. We invite the responsible of Finanskent. What are we supposed to do? Roads, pedestrian crossings, other elements, other needs, other demands, especially the metro; In other words, let's talk about everything at one table, until the need for nurseries for the female employees who will come there. Let's have a kickoff speech. Then, let our friends work within themselves, bring a result to us, and let's create an action plan.”


Giving examples of the fact that they have implemented more than 20 projects, including private companies, in this way, İmamoğlu also included the approval process they went through on the Göztepe - Ataşehir metro line, on which Finanskent is located. “Unfortunately, we have a loan approval pending for 6 months in the Treasury approval process for this project, for which we have already received a part of the financing,” said İmamoğlu.

“So we continue at full throttle one. We didn't interrupt, but why wait 6 months? We already have a loan, we will take it. Subways are endless otherwise. We will give this on the Göztepe - Ataşehir - Ümraniye metro line, and we will continue on our way. In that respect. This is a resolution passed unanimously by the Parliament. The fact that these approval processes are also taken care of as soon as possible means that our works are concluded without interruption. As you say; It is a vital right. It was decided to move the headquarters of many institutions in Ankara to Finanskent. Very important. It is not possible to transport the rate by vehicle or service. In this context, we kindly request that such events should not be delayed. If we all work together, we enjoy success together. Raising each other's hands is a source of pride for all of us. The care and effort of each of our friends chosen and authorized by this nation is valuable. Their place is also valuable to us. Let no one doubt that. In this context, I said that we would definitely meet there in order to reveal this unity and to show how the common mind and common thought succeeded and how it made people happy with a golden touch. I am really happy. We are not opening a project worth a few billion, but we are really making a very valuable opening in our country today. I am happy in this respect. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed, from the very beginning to the present.”

After the speeches; Küçüksu Caddesi – TEM Çamlık road was officially put into service with the ribbon cut by İmamoğlu, Yıldırım, Aydın, CHP PM Member Sevgi Kılıç, IBB IMM Parliamentary Group Deputy Chairman İbrahim Özkan and İBB Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar.


With the opening of the 790-meter road and junction connecting the Küçüksu Caddesi - TEM Çamlık road; The road will be shortened by approximately 7 kilometers in transportation to Hekimbaşı and its surroundings. The road, which will save at least 20 minutes of time and fuel during rush hour, will also reduce the traffic density experienced in accessing the Ümraniye-Küçüksu junction branches on the D-16 Şile State Road and the Üsküdar-Beykoz coastal road. The road and intersection opened; Yenimahalle and Göksu neighborhoods in Beykoz district; In Ümraniye district, Hekimbaşı, Topağacı, Dumlupınar, İnkılap, Elmalıkent, Kazım Karabekir neighborhoods; In Üsküdar district, it will provide direct service to approximately 200.000 Istanbul residents living in the Kandilli, Küçüksu, Bahçelievler and Yavuztürk neighborhoods.

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