Ford Otosan on its Electrification Journey Now in Romania

Ford Otosan on its Electrification Journey Now in Romania
Ford Otosan on its Electrification Journey Now in Romania

Ford Otosan is on its way to becoming Europe's largest electric commercial vehicle manufacturer. Turkey's largest automotive company Ford Otosan continues to create value by breaking new ground. Ford Otosan, which expanded its operations internationally with the acquisition of Ford's factory in Romania, will carry its experience in electrification to Romania. Europe's commercial vehicle production leader, Ford Otosan, has recently launched the E-Transit off the line and the E-Transit Custom, which it introduced to be produced in the second half of 2023. kazanIt will transfer its know-how to the next generation vehicles to be produced in Craiova.

The agreement between Europe's largest commercial vehicle manufacturer Ford Otosan and Ford Europe regarding the transfer of Craiova factory in Romania has been completed. With this agreement, which opened Ford Otosan to foreign operations, the ownership of Ford's vehicle production and engine production facilities in Craiova passed to Ford Otosan. With the participation of Craiova in the production network, the experience and expertise of Turkey's export champion Ford Otosan in electrification and commercial vehicles was transferred to the facility in Romania; Ford Otosan, Europe's commercial vehicle production leader, is also becoming an international automotive company.

With the completion of the legal process that started on March 14, 2022 for Ford Otosan to take over the Craiova factory, Craiova will continue its success story in the automotive industry with Ford Otosan. Having an important place in Ford's electrification plan in Europe, Craiova's production power will be combined with Ford Otosan's extensive experience in commercial vehicle design, engineering and production. With this agreement, the Romanian plant will play an even stronger role in Ford's electrification and commercial vehicle growth plans for Europe.

With Craiova, Ford Otosan will take its power in electric transformation to the next level

Ford Otosan's experience and know-how in electrification, which was riveted with Ford Europe's first electric commercial vehicle E-Transit, which came off the production line this year, will also show itself in the electric vehicles to be produced in Craiova.

With Craiova's inclusion in the Ford Otosan production network, the internal combustion van and combi versions of the new generation Courier, designed and engineered by Ford Otosan, will be produced and marketed in Craiova as of next year, while the fully electric versions of them will be produced in Craiova as of 2024. In addition, Ford Otosan will be responsible for the production of Ford Puma, which is currently produced in Craiova, and the new all-electric version to be commissioned in 2024. With the addition of these two vehicles to its product portfolio, Ford Otosan will produce electric versions of the Transit, Transit Custom, Courier and Puma models at its 2 facilities in 4 countries.

Güven Özyurt: “We will add brand new and exciting experiences to the success story of the Craiova factory”

Noting that Ford Otosan's production experience has moved to an international dimension with Craiova being an important part of its production facilities network, Ford Otosan General Manager Güven Özyurt said, “Electrification represents the most transformative change in our industry for over 100 years, and Europe, our important export market, is rapidly expanding in electrification. is on its way. Considering Ford's recently announced European electrification plan and Ford Otosan's extensive experience and knowledge in electrification, which started with the Custom PHEV and continued with the E-Transit, Craiova's plans for electrification and commercial vehicle growth are more in line with Craiova. We believe it will also play a strong role. Our Craiova plant will benefit from Ford Otosan's extensive experience and know-how in commercial vehicle design, engineering and production. We look forward to adding new and even more exciting chapters to the success story of Craiova, one of the most productive Ford factories in Europe today.” said.

Ford Otosan will invest 2023 million Euros, including engineering expenses, in the next three years for the production of the Next Generation Courier, which will start in 490 in Craiova. The vehicle production capacity at the Craiova factory will increase to a total of 272 thousand units per year, and depending on the production plan, the new generation Courier production will reach up to 100 thousand and Puma production will reach up to 189 thousand units per year. Announcing that with the completion of the investment announced last year, Ford Otosan will increase the capacity of the Kocaeli factories to 650 thousand vehicles, and with the addition of the capacity of the Craiova factory, it will be able to produce over 900 thousand vehicles per year.

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