Eyüpsultan Public Health Center to Serve 6 Districts Opened

Eyupsultan Public Health Center Opened to Serve the District
Eyüpsultan Public Health Center to Serve 6 Districts Opened

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) completed the 'Eyüpsultan Public Health Center' within the scope of the '150 Projects in 150 Days' marathon. The opening of the center in Eyüpsultan Güzeltepe District, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu and Eyüpsultan Mayor Deniz Köken.

Emphasizing that they care about respect for people and care for the city, İmamoğlu said:

“That is why, to ensure that Istanbulites of all ages, origins, beliefs and lifestyles, who are the most valuable assets of this city, receive service… This is exactly why we have prepared this facility because we take it as our duty to protect their health and make their lives happily possible here. We attach importance to the concept of 'popular municipality' in this sense. In other words, when we say 'popular municipality', we do not necessarily mean that it overlaps with the concept of 'popular municipality' through the Republican People's Party. We are talking about being a government that believes in the people, trusts the people, adopts social justice and democracy as a principle. Of course, in this concept of populist municipality, as a CHP mayor, we say, 'We are the most ambitious'; it is different. But this concept is important.

The aim of these hundreds of investments and services that we have made without wasting a single penny of our nation; To increase the quality of life of our people, with their women, children, old people and young people, in this cherished city. You live justly, benefit from public services equally; We are working hard so that we can distribute Istanbul's resources fairly to 16 million people. Prior to; We completed the Basilica Cistern Museum, which we opened to visitors after the most important restoration in its history, and we held its ceremony. Next; We put the Ahmet İsvan Halk Ekmek factory, one of the largest in Europe, with a daily capacity of 1,5 million breads, into the service of Istanbul residents. Yesterday, we won our Kartal-Maltepe waste water line and stream improvement project and held the ceremony of putting it into service.” shared information.

Emphasizing that all projects are designed to increase the quality of life of Istanbul residents, İmamoğlu said, “I care very much about home health services. I know that every district municipality is trying to provide this service in this sense. Indeed, such a huge city, a mega-city, unfortunately, is the presence of this warm hand that knocks on their door and meets them in areas that are unfortunately sometimes put in front of us by unhealthy urbanization, sometimes away from the friendly and neighborly feelings we are used to, and in these environments brought by poverty and sometimes demanded by our people in need. It is a very valuable work for the unity and solidarity of our nation. In this respect, the public effort to bring services and opportunities to our people is very important and valuable in terms of municipality. That's why I care about this service.

Our home health service units are currently operating in Edirnekapı, Küçükçekmece, Üsküdar, Kartal and Şile districts. By being here again, it will have gained an area that also serves Gaziosmanpaşa, Kağıthane, Sarıyer, Sultangazi, Şişli and Eyüpsultana. Undoubtedly, the health of our psychology and soul is as important as our body. Nowadays, in our country and in our city, especially the upsetting of the economic balances and especially the fight against unemployment, high cost of living and inflation, and especially the concepts of hope and despair in the researches, the feelings of many of our citizens about some injustices; actually contribute to mental health. Unfortunately, in this environment, we are working hard on the psychological needs of our citizens, who are more tense and more distressed than ever before, as an administration that accepts to be with its people in times of difficulty.”

Emphasizing that they aim to expand mobile health services throughout the city in favor of low-income citizens, İmamoğlu concluded his speech with the following words:

“We want our marathon of 150 projects in 150 days to be reflected in the lives of our people with this vision. And under this determination, there is definitely service to humanity and our love of service. We will be determined to provide good services to our esteemed citizens in this city at many openings and groundbreaking. We always want to see you with us. The presence, courage and support of our citizens from Istanbul provide us with a great determination to continue and achieve these works, and inspire us. Indeed, the presence of our citizens against many troubles and obstacles makes us very, very happy. Have no doubt; By adding our night to our day, we will be together in many openings, from our subways to funicular lines, from our energy production facilities to our investments in health, from very large parks to sports fields that will add great value to our city. Thank you for being with us today and for being with us.”

In his speech, Eyüpsultan Mayor Köken said, “It is a month where Eyüpsultan concentrates on openings. I am also pleased to be here today at the opening of the Public Health Center. Thank you. As Eyüpsultan residents, we wish the services of İBB to continue. We are in an area of ​​224 square kilometers, President. We are big in terms of area on a route from Edirnekapı walls to a part of the third airport. For example, Bayrampaşa is 6 square kilometers, Gaziosmanpaşa is 7-8 square kilometers. If you think that we are 224 square kilometers, there may be a little more vector-related support in the coming period. Because there is a great need to fight with vector. Because we have too many wetlands," he said.

With the center to be opened in Eyüpsultan Güzeltepe District; Citizens residing in Gaziosmanpaşa, Kağıthane, Sarıyer, Sultangazi, Şişli will be provided with home health services. In the center, there are 1 field teams in total, including 12 doctor, 3 nurses, 3 physiotherapists, 5 transport ambulance teams, 1 patient elderly care personnel, 1 psychologist and 19 social services assistant.

The center will also struggle with the vector. In the center of Güzeltepe, 75 personnel are fighting vector with 23 spraying vehicles and 1 amphibious vehicle in the GOP, Sarıyer, Kağıthane, Eyüp Sultan and Beşiktaş districts. Within the scope of vector control services; causing discomfort to citizens and the environment throughout Istanbul; Spraying is done against vectors such as mosquitoes, houseflies, fleas, cockroaches, mice, rats and ticks. Struggle; two of them on the Anatolian side (Kartal, Kadıköy) is carried out by teams spread over the field from 5 campuses, three of which are on the European Side (Edirnekapı, Başakşehir, Beylikdüzü). With the center opened in Eyüpsultan, the number of centers that will increase to 6 will be carried out with a total of 182 teams and 611 personnel.

Within the scope of Psychological Counseling Services, IMM provided 2021 thousand 20 services in 116 centers in 658. There are 2 child psychologists and 2 adult psychologists in the center, which will be put into service in Güzeltepe.

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