Eşrefpaşa Hospital's Home Care Service Network Expands

Esrefpasa Hospital's Home Care Service Network Expands
Eşrefpaşa Hospital's Home Care Service Network Expands

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital, which spreads home care service to 30 districts of the city, brought doctors to the patient's feet who would be well. Home Care Service Unit was established in Kemalpaşa Armutlu. If next Bayraklı, Mordoğan and Ödemiş.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital President Tunç SoyerIt added a new one to the services it continues in line with the social municipality understanding of . It established the Home Care Service Unit in Eşrefpaşa Hospital Armutlu, which increased the home care service it provides to the bedridden, elderly, sick and disabled people to 30 districts. The opening will be on Saturday, July 30, at 13.30, by the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Tunç Soyerwill be hosted by

“Eşrefpaşa Hospital services spread throughout the city”

Stating that they have been working for about a year to spread the Home Care Service to all districts of İzmir, Eşrefpaşa Hospital Administrative Supervisor Dr. Arif Kutsi Güder said, “Our first stop was Kemalpaşa in order to expand the home care service. As a result of our joint efforts with Kemalpaşa Municipality, we established a unit in Armutlu. In the coming days BayraklıOur Home Care Service Units will be activated in Mordoğan, Ödemiş and surrounding districts.

Service from blood test to dental treatment

Stating that with the Nobody for the Orphans project, the Home Care Service team serves the patient with the aim of providing both health and social support. Güder said, “Our doctors visit and examine the patient at the appointed time by evaluating. If necessary, blood and urine analysis, if there is a bed sore, dressing is done. In cases where it is necessary to come to the hospital, consultation from specialist physicians is requested and they are taken from their home by ambulance and brought to the hospital. Patients who have been bedridden for a long time have some care needs. While providing this service, we also train the person caring for the patient and make him/her more conscious. We talk about how to feed the patient and how to move him. We provide psychological support. This is important not only for the patient, but also for the patient's relatives. In addition, dentists will now be in the field according to the needs of the patient.”

a first in Turkey

Kemalpaşa Home Care Service Unit, Dr. Beril Hüseyin, on the other hand, said that they go to the homes of bedridden patients with a team of 5 people and say, “We work with our team in connection with Eşrefapaşa Hospital. If necessary, we resolve the patient's problems by obtaining expert opinion from our doctors in our hospital. This service is the first in Turkey,” he said.

People of Kemalpaşa are looking forward to the doctors

Patients in need of care are looking forward to the doctors and nurses of the Kemalpaşa Home Care Service Unit of Eşrefpaşa Hospital. Relatives of patients are also very happy to host healthcare professionals at home. Sevim Karakaş, an 86-year-old patient, said, “May Allah be pleased with those who sent you here. I cannot leave the house. You are our arm and wing. We are very happy that you will be in Kemalpaşa now.”

Our medicines are also written.

Süleyman Acar said, “Whenever I call Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, they come to my door. God bless them. Our teachers take care of whatever is necessary, they write down our medicines," he said.

Fatma Karakaş, who takes care of her bedridden mother, Nurten Karakaş, said, “I have been taking care of my mother for 4 years. From our point of view, it was a great advantage that Armutlu received Home Care Service. Instead of calling from Izmir, we will receive this service right next to us. We are very lucky. I had to leave the house and leave my mother to prescribe medication. Thanks to the medicine prescribing service of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, there will be no need for such a thing anymore,” she said.

Hotline 293 80 20

The team consists of doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians, social workers, psychologists, dietitians, dentists and physiotherapists. Detailed information about home care service can be obtained from the phone number 293 80 20. Kemalpaşa Home Care Service Unit can be reached on the number 293 85 04.

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