Environmental Investments to End Floods in Beylikdüzü Completed

Environmental Investments to End Floods in Beylikduzu Completed
Environmental Investments to End Floods in Beylikdüzü Completed

İSKİ, the long-established institution of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), has completed wastewater, stormwater and stream improvement investments that will end the floods that have been experienced for years in Beylikdüzü. Due to the completion of the project, the opening ceremony was held in Barış Neighborhood. At the ceremony held within the scope of "150 Projects Marathon in 150 Days", IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu made a speech.

Emphasizing that they do not discriminate between political parties at the point of service, İmamoğlu said:

“In which district, which problem there is; we went there meticulously, meticulously, we did our work, we analyzed it. Whatever the priority, we did our job in line with that priority. We worked very diligently to establish a healthy dialogue with all of our 39 district mayors. Both our advisors and our political colleagues tried to establish a meeting and reconciliation basis with their representatives or interlocutors at the point of cooperation, seeking absolute service. Some of our mayors, again without any political party discrimination, have given us the pleasure of joint cooperation. Many of them are AK Party members. They told us about their difficulties. They described their problem. We immediately responded to that challenge, that problem, and produced it. And now they're happy too. We are opening these works that we have done with these difficulties they conveyed with them.

Because dear friends, this is the owner of the services we provide, Ekrem İmamoğlu not. This is the owner of the services we provide, not the district mayor. The owner of any of the public services in our country is not a minister, not a deputy, not the President, not anyone; our nation. As managers who use your money properly, we are only doing our duty. We will continue to do so. With this view and understanding, our citizens do not sanctify their rulers when they realize their position. They look at managers with human eyes. Just as a father has a duty in a house, a mother has a duty, children have a duty. Just as the boss of a business has a duty, the general manager, engineer, architect, textile engineer or the salesman at the counter… Every member of the country has a duty. His duty, his responsibility… That is, it is an explanation that we do not need to pledge allegiance to anyone, submit to anyone, or sanctify anyone. We work in this context.

Therefore, from now on, all our environments will be transparent, and we will continue to share our work in every environment with every stakeholder. Our country needs such a beautiful period. Just as we are keeping this period alive at the local level, God willing, I hope that in the next election, the political mechanism we call the 'six table', which cooperates to get rid of all the difficulties, all the troubles, all the problems, all the mismanagement understandings and examples of the wrong administrators, and God willing. Of course, we will start the construction of a new era with the contributions of other democratic-minded citizens and institutions and organizations that will contribute to it, and we will bring it to absolute success. This is us; much more freedom, much more originality, much more, it will create a country atmosphere that will create the ground and environment to reveal your talents. That country air will be good for the nation of this country," he said.

Pointing out that Turkey is going through one of the most important periods in history, İmamoğlu said, “In this context, as 86 million people, as adults and individuals of this country, our people from all backgrounds, people of all faiths will be in a stronger position, more productive, and have a voice in all areas of the world. We are people who are in a position to lay the groundwork for creating a period in which a stronger voice emerges in the best way -but not by shouting, but in technology, production, industry, art, culture, sports, urbanism and quality of life, all together. In that respect, we have a great responsibility.

With this awareness and this responsibility, we are building 10 subways for him. That's why, right now, over ten thousand of our people, our workers, are working hard to prepare the city of the future. That's why we are making an intense effort to quickly bring about 15 million square meters of green space to Istanbul. For this reason, we are making our city experience a special process, from treatment plants to many works related to creating a green city and a caring city, a city with a strong infrastructure. We have facilities that we have completed to become an energy producing city management. We are a municipality that we have just prepared and that carries out studies related to clean energy, from waste incineration plant to generating energy from landfill gas. At the same time, in today's difficult day, unfortunately, trying to cure every distressed person who runs into the troubles of every household, by opening a city restaurant, determined to reach the capacity of thousands of beds, by preparing their dormitories to serve the youth of this city... At the same time, we will have 10 thousand children. next year in our kindergartens. Soon we will do this to 20 thousand. Imagine the graduation of our 20 children in a stadium with their screams. I'm looking forward to that day. We will show it to Istanbul. We are working to spread good energy from Istanbul to Turkey and, on this occasion, to contribute to Turkey's change, transformation, and positively, stepping into the second century of a healthy republic.

We explain the public's budget by sharing it with our people. We end the waste. We bring our administration together with our citizens with methods that will benefit not a handful of people, but 16 million people. We have nothing to do with crazy projects that are crazy, hurting people's lives. Our job is to create areas and projects where the people of Istanbul can maintain the quality of life in the best way possible. When describing 3 years, they compare us to 25 years. While talking for 3 years, they are trying to answer us with what they have done in 25 years. If the effect of 3 years compels them to tell about 25 years of history, think about what we will do to this city, this country in 5 years, 10 years. We are preparing a more humane, more peaceful and higher quality life for Istanbul residents and we will continue to do so.”

Affects 500 thousand Istanbulites

Beylikdüzü Mayor Mehmet Murat Çalık and İSKİ General Manager Şafak Başa also gave speeches at the ceremony. After the speeches, the opening ribbon was cut together with İmamoğlu, CHP deputy Sibel Özdemir, CHP İBB Assembly Group Deputy Chairman Doğan Subaşı, Çalık, Başa and their delegation. The works that concern the entire Beylikdüzü district and some of the Büyükçekmece and Esenyurt districts affect approximately 500 thousand Istanbulites. İSKİ completed the project that will solve the chronic infrastructure problems of the Beylikdüzü district and the region. The old infrastructure system, which causes floods and floods in rainy weather, has been completely renewed.

Work began in June 2019. Wastewater and rainwater lines with insufficient cross-sections and which have completed their useful life were renewed. It has become a chronic problem for many years; In main arteries and streets such as Atatürk Boulevard, Cumhuriyet Street, Enver Adakan Street, Liman Yolu Street, Osman Gazi Street, and Democracy Street, wastewater and rainwater were separated to prevent flooding. In addition, the rehabilitation of Kavaklıdere and Çukur Bostan creeks, which are among the important streams of the district, have been completed. Thus, environmental pollution caused by floods and wastewater in the region was prevented. Wastewater flowing into the Marmara Sea was also prevented and delivered to Ambarlı Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant. Within the scope of the works, a total of 45 thousand 570 meters of wastewater, 20 thousand 700 meters of rainwater channels and 5 thousand 5 meters of stream were rehabilitated. As of June 2019, 880 million TL was spent on the project. The total investments will reach 1,6 billion liras at the end of the ongoing projects.

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