Entertaining and Instructive Content Prepared at Young KOMEK Summer School

Fun and Educational Content Prepared at Young KOMEK Summer School
Entertaining and Instructive Content Prepared at Young KOMEK Summer School

In the Young KOMEK Summer School, which started in a total of 47 KOMEK and ASEM buildings in the center and districts of Konya, entertaining and instructive content was prepared this year in order to broaden the horizons of children in the 7-14 age group. Young KOMEK registered a total of 53 thousand 298 students this summer, mainly in Konya, from home and abroad, through face-to-face and online training.

Students who will participate in various activities during the Young KOMEK Summer School will also have the opportunity to develop themselves physically with swimming and sports training. Thousands of students from the center and districts of Konya, who have registered for swimming training, will learn to swim in the swimming pools in KOMEK and ASEM buildings, accompanied by coaches.

Students at Young KOMEK game camps in Dutlukır and Kent Forest; By participating in games such as tug-of-war, survivor track, bicycle training area, archery training area, bocce training station, excavation area, magic maze, stick catching game, mushroom picking game, tail catching, first aid event, castle game, AFAD event, golf will have a pleasant time.

In addition, among the students who will participate in the boarding camps for 2 nights and 3 days in the camping areas in Taşkent and Beyşehir, prizes will be given to the winners of the competitions prepared according to age groups.

In the Young KOMEK Summer School, where each student has the right to take three branches, according to the points that the students will get with their attendance and task completion; action camera, digital photo album, headset, VR glasses, skateboard, led table lamp and many more gifts will be given. In addition, the students who ranked in the competitions to be held in the game camps were equipped with smart watches, bluetooth headphones and sound bombs. kazanwill ache.

Crossing the borders with distance education, KOMEK has prepared an offline education platform with the motto of "Education anytime and anywhere" so that students can follow the education whenever and wherever they want. The lessons on the prepared platform were performed in Arabic and English as well as Turkish. Students can repeat the trainings they receive at the course centers by accessing komekuzem.com.

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