Cyber ​​Attacks Over Half a Million in Turkey in the First Half of 2022

Cyber ​​Attacks Over Half a Million in Turkey's First Half
Cyber ​​Attacks Over Half a Million in Turkey in the First Half of 2022

Malware attacks in Turkey in the first half of 2022 doubled compared to the first half of last year.

The number and scope of cyber attacks continues to increase every year. The integration of the world to the internet creates a more favorable environment for cyber attacks and expands the target area of ​​attacks. According to data collected at the WatchGuard Threat Lab, the number of malware attacks in Turkey exceeded half a million, with 2022 as of the end of June 649.349. In the first 2021 months of 6, the number of malware was announced by the WatchGuard Threat Laboratory as 288.445 specific to Turkey. Indicating that the 2022 attack data for Turkey is the highest recorded number of cyber attacks, WatchGuard Turkey Greece Country Manager Yusuf Evmez draws attention to the increase in the danger of attacks with the accumulation of digital information.

According to the report prepared by the WatchGuard Threat Center in the light of data from UTM device Fireboxes, between January and June, there were 3.628 malware attacks every day in Turkey, 151 every hour, 3 malware attacks every minute. Stating that Gen:Variant and Exploit are the most preferred attack types, Yusuf Evmez points out that the types of malware targeting cyber security infrastructures are diversifying and getting stronger every year.

After the technological integration process, companies prefer to keep their data in networks, while hackers continue to look for opportunities to obtain data in networks. According to WatchGuard Threat Lab data, 6 network security attacks took place in Turkey in the first 4.551 months of this year. WatchGuard Turkey Greece Country Manager Yusuf Evmez, drawing attention to the fact that this number was 31.613 last year, states that there is an improvement in the results, but the security danger continues. Adding that "FILE Invalid XML version-2" is the most common type of network security attack, Evmez emphasizes that cybercriminals continue to pose a threat to data by targeting network security passwords.

With 2022 data, 25 network security attacks occur every day and 1 network security attack every hour in Turkey. WatchGuard Turkey Greece Sales Engineer Alper Onarangil states that the reason for easy access to password databases over the Dark Web in network security attacks is the creation of weak passwords. Preferring complex and well-thought-out passwords is considered the first step in security for companies and individual users. Stating the importance of minimizing the risks that may occur thanks to multi-factor authentication solutions, Onarangil reminds that AuthPoint authentication solutions are useful for keeping accounts safe and that a quick warning system is activated in case the hacked data is offered for sale over the Dark Web.

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