Allegations of Corruption on Ankara-Istanbul Railway Line Moved to Judiciary

Corruption Claim on Ankara Istanbul Railway Line Takes to Judiciary
Allegations of Corruption on Ankara-Istanbul Railway Line Moved to Judiciary

CHP Zonguldak Deputy Deniz Yavuzyılmaz announced that a criminal complaint has been filed against the 200 million dollar corruption they detected in the Ankara-Istanbul railway second section project.

Republican People's Party (CHP) Deputy Yavuzyılmaz said that there was $200 million in corruption and public loss in the tender, which also included Cengiz Holding, and shared documents on the subject on his Twitter account.

Yavuzyılmaz, in his allegations based on the report of the General Directorate of State Railways Inspection Board, stated that the second section construction works of the Ankara-Istanbul railway line rehabilitation work were tendered in 2006, and that a Chinese company, Cengiz İnşaat and IC İçtaş won the contract for 610 million dollars, but the work was not committed. He stated that it was not completed in the given time.

Yavuzyılmaz also said that the companies were given an additional period of 1922 days and the work was still not completed, "Because it says in the report that some of the events that lead to the extension of time are due to the fault of the contractor; for example, the slow progress of tunnel construction and the TBM machine remaining inside the T-26 tunnel. What is CPC machine? Let's consider a big drill that drills a big mountain. Such a gigantic machine that goes in from one side of the mountain and exits from the other. This machine is trapped inside the tunnel. This machine is not a machine that moves backwards in terms of features. As soon as it gets stuck there, the tunnel doesn't move forward and the job is delayed. For these reasons, tunnel construction cannot be continued and the project cannot be completed. There is a contractor fault and the job cannot be completed.” said.

Deniz Yavuzyılmaz said that additional appropriation was requested from the Council of Ministers for the work that was tendered, “Because under normal conditions, an additional job increase can be given as 20 percent. If there will be a job increase of more than 20 percent, you can only do this with the decision of the Council of Ministers. With the decision of the Council of Ministers, an additional appropriation of 244 million dollars is obtained, but on one condition. In order for the Council of Ministers to give an additional 40 percent allowance, the work must be completed. If it is understood that the work cannot be completed, the allowance should be cut and the work should be liquidated. In order to do the job, other companies have to complete the job. Because it turns out that there is a huge public loss. In other words, the total contract value of the work was 610 million dollars, the additional allowance of the Council of Ministers was 244 million dollars, the total cost of the work was 854 million dollars.” used his statements.

Yavuzyılmaz stated that the total amount paid to the company was 847 million dollars, but that despite the company's additional appropriation, he excluded the 200 million dollar portion of the works from its scope and that this part was re-tendered, "This is a huge public loss and a huge hit." said.

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