Circular of AFAD Presidency on Measures to be Taken Against Forest Fires

Circular of AFAD Presidency on Measures to be Taken Against Forest Fires
Circular of AFAD Presidency on Measures to be Taken Against Forest Fires

According to the data of the General Directorate of Meteorology, AFAD Presidency warned against forest fires that may occur after increasing temperature values. In the circular on "Measures to be Taken Against Forest Fires" sent by the Presidency to the governorships, it was stated that the increased human mobility in and around forest areas with the increase in temperature may increase the risk of forest fires in various regions in the coming days, and caution was requested.

As a result of the evaluations made with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry; Considering the causes of recent fires, stubble burning, vineyard-garden cleaning, burning of garbage, field works, power transmission line failures, picnic and shepherd's fire, lightning, intention, neglect or carelessness, which are among the causes of fires. Precautions to be taken against fires are listed.

Accordingly: Fires around forests in risky areas for forest fires and entrances to forest areas will be prohibited until 31.08.2022. Except for camping establishments, camping and tents will not be allowed in forested areas. In places close to forest areas, the use of flammable materials such as fireworks and wish balloons that may cause forest fires will not be allowed in weddings and similar organizations.

Patrol Times Will Be Tightened

The settlements, critical structures, factories, warehouses and similar areas that may be affected by a possible forest fire will be determined, and necessary information and warnings will be given to the authorities of these areas to take their own precautions. The public will also be informed about social and individual measures. Together with forest officers, Gendarmerie and Police patrols will be made continuous, patrol times will be increased. Monitoring and observation activities carried out by means of drones, KGYS, etc. in forest areas.
will be increased.

Fire Safety Road to Critical Places

Fire safety lanes will be opened around areas that pose a special fire hazard, such as garbage dumps and storage areas, railway edges and picnic areas. Against all kinds of fire hazards that may spread to the forest from places such as touristic areas, residential areas, all kinds of facilities, agricultural lands; Fire safety roads will be opened between these sites and the forest by their owners.

The water intake points of the aircraft will be checked periodically.

In the interventions to forest fires, especially from the air, the water fill level of the water intake points of the air elements such as helicopters will be checked periodically, and new water intake points will be built in the needed areas, if any.

The tools and equipment that can be used in fire extinguishing (in the nature of institutions such as special provincial administration, municipality, highways, state water works, forestry administration, military units, law enforcement units, etc.) will be utilized to the maximum extent, and the need for tools / equipment will be reviewed and completed.

Relevant organizations responsible for forest fire response activities will be informed of the dangers and risks. Personnel, vehicles, equipment, etc., in the fastest way to respond to the units that will need service in forest fire. It will be ensured that they complete all their preparations immediately. All kinds of other measures required by the locality in areas susceptible to forest fire will be taken immediately.

Responding to the fire will be within the scope of Turkey Disaster Response Plan

Activities will be carried out in consultation with the AFAD Presidency and the General Directorate of Forestry during the implementation phase of preventive measures and the response to fires. The teams that respond to the fire at the fire scene will be managed by the fire chief appointed by the General Directorate of Forestry. The coordination of the institutions, organizations, private sector, non-governmental organizations and volunteers involved in the response will be carried out within the scope of the National Forest Fires Response Plan prepared within the scope of the Turkey Disaster Response Plan.

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