China Made Its First Electric Locomotive Export to Thailand

China Exported Its First Electric Locomotive To Thailand
China Made Its First Electric Locomotive Export to Thailand

The first electric battery-powered locomotive built for a Thai customer by the Dalian-based CRRC Group was loaded on a transport ship and shipped to Thailand. This is the first new energy locomotive sold by China to a Southeast Asian country.

With the development of railway transportation, economical locomotives in terms of energy have been in high demand in recent years. Pursuant to the contract signed with the Thai customer in 2021, CRRC Dalian started work to build an alternative electricity powered locomotive on a conventional technical platform. Moving with the thrust provided by 100% electric batteries, the locomotive can pull 70 tons of wagons at 2 kilometers per hour or a thousand tons of wagons at 500 kilometers per hour. The locomotive can travel at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour without pulling a wagon.

CRRC Dalian thinks that after selling the battery locomotive, which is fed with 100% electricity, to a country in the region such as Thailand, which has an important position, it will meet the demands of countries such as Myanmar, Malaysia and Laos, where it previously sold ordinary locomotives and which may want new energy locomotives. Indeed, the countries of the region are countries that use traditional energy and want to get rid of polluting emissions and therefore turn to new energy.

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