Attention to Diseases Triggered by Heat!

Beware of Diseases Triggered by Heat
Attention to Diseases Triggered by Heat!

Ear Nose and Throat Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Yavuz Selim Yıldırım gave information about the subject. Increasing temperatures in the summer period can trigger many serious diseases. Our bodies, which are not accustomed to high temperatures, can create serious problems when exposed to excessive temperatures. With the increase in temperature, sweating and loss of fluid from our skin occur. can cause diseases.

As heat exposure increases, first of all, heat stroke symptoms such as fatigue and exhaustion are seen. If sweating and fluid loss are not replaced, heat cramps and sudden fainting may occur. When sweating and fluid loss begin, replacement is the most important protection measure. Dangerous symptoms are more common in the early stages of exposure to temperatures. Over time, exposure to heat decreases a little more with the activation of our body's adaptation mechanisms.

Expansion of the veins, sweating, loss of water and salt occur with the temperature, as long as the heat exposure and sweating continue, the amount of blood in the vein thickens at the end of a while, and as a result, the amount of blood going to important organs decreases and eventually causes symptoms such as heart attack, stroke, fainting, which can lead to death. During summer periods, especially elderly patients, patients who use blood pressure lowering, diuretic and drugs that affect heart rate should pay more attention to temperatures.

Again, one of the most important diseases with temperature is the increase in the risk of skin cancer, especially in the face area, which cannot be hidden from the sun as a result of exposure to ultraviolet rays. . To prevent this, clothes that hide from the sun and creams that protect the skin can be used.

Again, in areas that sweat excessively with the temperature, significant increases in fungal infections can be seen. A more suitable clothing can be chosen for those areas to reduce the fungal infection in sweating areas. Cotton clothes that absorb sweat quickly and dry quickly can be preferred.

Again, increasing temperatures may be a factor that increases attacks for migraine patients. It has been shown that heat and humidity increase and exposure to heat on the head and face region significantly increase the frequency of migraine attacks. It is more appropriate for these patients to pay more attention to fluid loss and hot weather.

Assoc. Dr. Yavuz Selim Yıldırım continued his last words as follows; "Again, in the summer months, the effect of hot weather increases nose bleeding with the intense use of air conditioners. Since the nose has a very rich structure in terms of blood vessels, dry and hot air causes the protective layer in the nose to weaken, causing the vessels in the nose to crack. triggers bleeding. "said.

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