Beşevler Metro is the New Address of Flower Exchange Application

Besevler Metro is the New Address of the Flower Exchange Application
Beşevler Metro is the New Address of Flower Exchange Application

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB) continues its human-oriented and environmentally friendly projects without slowing down. The 'Flower Swap' application, the first of which was implemented at Batıkent Metro Station with the cooperation of the Environmental Protection and Control Department, EGO General Directorate and ANFA Plant House, now continues with the stand opened under Beşevler Metro.

The application, which provides free exchange and maintenance opportunities for the flowers and plants in their possession, attracts great attention.

ABB Environment, Protection and Control Department Herbal Application Chief Burak Taşkesti shared the following information about the new application, which received full marks from the citizens of the Capital:

“We started our application in Batıkent Metro in the first place. Considering the intense interest we encountered there, we decided to ensure its continuation. Our address today is Beşevler Metro. We will exchange and care for the flowers in the hands of our citizens free of charge at 10.00-19.00 for a week. After Beşevler, we will continue the barter practice at other Metro and Ankaray stations. Citizens show a lot of interest in the application, we receive positive feedback.”

The flower exchange practice, which will be carried out through stands to be set up on different dates and at different addresses, will continue under Beşevler Metro between 25-30 July 2022.

Citizens who came under Beşevler Metro to care and exchange their flowers expressed their thoughts on the application with the following words:

Huriye Akdemir: “I really liked the app. The flowers are beautiful and I will bring the flowers that I cannot look at here for care.”

Ayşegül İfrazlı: “It has been a very good project. They also thought of women in this project. I will deliver the flowers in my house here and have them taken care of.”

Sengul Gulen: “I noticed it on my commute to work. I got information from friends. I had more than the same flower in my house so I brought them here. I traded for different flowers, I got new flowers.”

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