ASELSAN is Working on Flutter-Wing Micro Air Vehicles

ASELSAN is Working on Chirpan Wing Micro Aircraft
ASELSAN is Working on Flutter-Wing Micro Air Vehicles

ASELSAN; In July 2022, he announced that he was working on micro-UAV or micro-aviator technology in his magazine number 113. ASELSAN, which develops insect-sized micro air vehicles; In this context, he conducts research on the flapping wing aerodynamics of micro aircraft, the use of smart materials and docile mechanisms. In this context, at the ASELSAN Research Center; Studies are underway to produce the first insect-sized flapping-winged micro-aviator in Turkey.

Micro air vehicles inspired by insects; It offers many advantages such as gliding in the air, maneuvering in closed areas, low radar surface cross-section, portability and ease of producing high lift force at low weight. The component that causes a large part of the weight in the design of micro-aircraft is the actuator and motion transmission mechanism used for flapping motion.

Piezoelectric actuators are the most widely used actuator type in micro aircraft due to their small size, low weight and fast reaction response. Various configurations and mechanisms have been used for piezoelectric actuators to obtain flapping wing motion in wings.

With the advancement of piezoelectric material technology, the flight of micro aircraft without any transmission structure has become possible. This requires a relatively large voltage in the piezoelectric material to create high flapping angles. It offers structural simplicity and lightness as the wings are directly attached to the actuators. This method is similar to the direct flight mechanism used by larger insects such as dragonflies, where the flight muscles are attached directly to the wing base sclerites.

A group of researchers from Toyota Central R&D laboratories reported a piezoelectric actuation mechanism directly coupled to the wing that generates lift greater than its own weight, demonstrating that the use of directly coupled mechanisms for the flapping wing could be realized.

Detailed article on "The Use of Intelligent Materials in Beating Wing Bioinspired Micro Aircraft" in ASELSAN's 113th issue. here .

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