Approval for 108 Commercial Areas from Söğütlüçeşme AVM Station Project

Approval for Number of Commercial Areas from Sogutlucesme AVM Station Project
Approval for 108 Commercial Areas from Söğütlüçeşme AVM Station Project

The main transportation lines of Istanbul, which came to the agenda in 2019 and attracted the reaction of the public, are the intersection of Metrobus, Marmaray and High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT). Kadıköy Another step was taken for the Söğütlüçeşme station station project. It was decided that an environmental impact assessment was not required for the project. 21 commercial areas will be built on 18 thousand square meters of the 108 thousand square meter construction in the project, which has caused criticism of the "station looking like a shopping mall". A YHT station will be built on 2 thousand 995 square meters.

According to the news of Özlem Güvemli from SÖZCÜThe Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) application made last month for the "Additional Platform, Rail Line, Support Units and Commercial Areas to the Söğütlüçeşme High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) Station" project, which is planned to be made by the TCDD General Directorate, has been decided. Istanbul Governor's Office has decided that "environmental impact assessment is not required".

KadıköyThe plans of the AVM type station project, which attracted the reaction of the residents, were canceled before and the same decision was made in the EIA application made for the project at that time. The project was changed several times due to cancellation decisions and backlash. Although it has been announced that no shopping mall will be built within the scope of the project, it is planned to build 108 commercial areas, common use areas, art and culture areas in the last project on the agenda.


In the introductory file of the project, it was stated that the use of the same railway lines and platforms by Marmaray and YHT at the existing station created confusion. It was noted that the 40 cm height difference between the train line and the platform poses a security risk, and requires the use of platforms for disabled access and luggage transport. For this reason, it was announced that a 600-meter-long viaduct rail line and a 200-meter-long platform will be added to this rail line.

21 thousand 936 square meters of construction

The parcels in the project area belong to TCDD, IMM and the Treasury. According to the final version of the project, the work will be carried out on an area of ​​40 thousand 688 square meters and the total construction area will be 21 thousand 936 square meters. 18 commercial areas will be built on 941 thousand 108 square meters, and YHT station and support units will be built on 2 thousand 995 square meters.

The structures were planned as one or two storey light steel structures. Most of the commercial areas will be located under the idle viaducts. No basement will be built in any area within the scope of the project. 14 thousand square meters have been allocated for the green area. An open parking lot for 4 vehicles will be built in an area of ​​661 square meters.


The cost of the project, which was initially announced as 193 million TL, has increased to 393 million 412 thousand 525 TL. Costs were calculated as 66 million 515 thousand TL for the viaduct train and platform construction, 137 million 288 thousand TL for the YHT service building and living center, and 189 million 608 thousand TL for the ground improvement, landscaping and infrastructure works.


In the promotional project, it was stated that the green areas around the area were idle and closed to the public, and the following information was given:

“It has been observed that 19 of the trees in the project area are in a dry condition and 33 are in an unhealthy condition. With the landscaping and landscaping works to be done, the neglected green area will be opened to the use of the public and the green area presence in the region will be increased.

Within the scope of the planned project, trees that are currently unhealthy will be removed from the area, and trees that are worth moving will be used in the project or off-site. Thus, the presence of green areas in the project area will not be reduced, on the contrary, efforts will be made to increase it.”


Akfen Gayrimenkul Yatırım Ortaklığı A.Ş. made two separate notifications to the Public Disclosure Platform (Public Disclosure Platform) for the project last April. In its first statement, “Our affiliate Fıratcan İnşaat Ticaret ve Turizm A.Ş.'s High Speed ​​Train Viaduct construction in the Söğütlüçeşme Project investment with a total cost of 2 million EUR will start this month (April).

Our Company, which plans to turn Söğütlüçeşme into a culture, art and food and beverage center, has been involved in the project with its food and culture market concept, which brings together the best of the city in Miami, New York, Boston, Chicago, Montreal, He signed a confidentiality agreement and started negotiations to make a potential cooperation with TimeOut Market, which operates in 7 cities in the world, including Lisbon and Dubai.

The company, which notified again after the reaction after the announcement of the start of the works, denied the claims that a shopping mall will be built within the scope of the project and said, "The allegations that a shopping mall will be built and the photographs of the old project used in these news do not reflect the truth. It was stated that no shopping malls will be built in this area.

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