Ankapark's Doors Are Opened to Citizens Who Want to See Its Current Status

Ankapark's Doors Are Opened To Citizens Who Want To See Its Current Situation
Ankapark's Doors Are Opened to Citizens Who Want to See Its Current Status

The doors of ANKAPARK, which was transferred to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality on July 801, 3, after a legal process that cost 18 million dollars and lasted for 2022 years, were opened for the first time to the citizens of the Capital.

ABB has started to organize free ring services every half hour for citizens who want to see the current status of the theme park. The people of Ankara, who will decide the future of ANKAPARK, show great interest in the bus tour, which will continue between 11.00:16.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX on Saturdays and Sundays.

After ANKAPARK, whose construction cost 801 million dollars, was transferred to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality by a court decision as a result of a 3-year legal struggle, the doors of the theme park were opened to citizens for the first time.

Citizens showed great interest in the free ring services, which started after ABB President Mansur Yavaş's statement "Citizens will decide the future of ANKAPARK" and the survey proposal form about the area was put into use.


In order to see the current situation of ANKAPARK, the people of Başkent participated in the bus tours organized by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality officials and accompanied by ANFA Security teams.

Gazi Mahallesi (Cluster Houses) ANFA Security Apt. no. Hundreds of citizens who participated in the free ring services departing every half hour from ANFA Security General Directorate at 175/1 Yenimahalle, between 11.00:16.00 and 3:XNUMX, also had the opportunity to examine the latest situation of the park during the legal struggle that lasted for XNUMX years.

Ankara residents, who will decide the future of the theme park with the survey they will participate in, expressed their thoughts with the following words:

Hurriyet Ataman: “The things I saw made me very sad, it was very bad, it was very worn out. Pity for the money spilled here… I felt sorry for them. I would like it to be opened and taken care of as soon as possible. This is so bad…”

Baris Coskun: “I didn't know it was this messy, this bad, but I was pretty surprised when I saw it. It's in bad shape all over the place… It hasn't been entered in any way for 3 years and it seemed strange that it was so fragmented. Apparently thieves broke in and smashed everything. In fact, it can be a huge green park. I definitely want this place demolished, so it's a very unnecessary place, it could be a nice green space.”

Eymen Tamis: “ANKAPARK needs to be brought to children. It is very difficult to demolish this place and reconstruct a park… I think it will be more costly. They can turn this place into a museum.”

Hussein Dulger: “I see a complete ruin, a pile of scraps right now… There is a national wealth really here… I want this place to be like Youth Park.”

Emre Bastug: “I expected a great loss, but I did not expect such a ruin. It was opened 4 times that I know of. At that time, I knew that 3/1 of them were opened and the other sides were closed. But I didn't know that the other sides were so devastated. For example, one of the things that shocked me today is that he was not able to enter until July 18, including security. This level of theft, the fact that the transformer was emptied and stolen is very painful. Their name is disgrace. If every inch of land is a homeland, then there is a betrayal here. I saw something beyond corruption. You see the work done without thinking.”

Ahmet Soyer: “Thank you for giving us this opportunity. Disappointed state, I am so sorry. This is the old Atatürk Forest Farm land, there were huge giant trees here. I would like this place to be green again. After all, this is an area that we inherited from Atatürk… Why these dinosaurs, we are not the dinosaur country, where did these dinosaurs come from?”

Sila Ozim: “I think the zoo was better. I would like it to be something useful for our citizens.”

Yusuf Tulgay: “Our childhood and youth passed here. The winds are blowing in the place of the old zoo. They didn't leave a single green thing. They have disgraced this place with our money. It is beneficial to have a green area, an area that all people can benefit from. I'm really sorry, it's been a complete dump."

Ahmet Aslan: “According to the expenditure made in a truly disgraceful situation… What could have been done with that cost? An incredible theft… In my opinion, this is a project made to transfer money to a friend. I hope the culture and arts center will be allocated as a culture and art area where international festivals can be held.”

Turhan Karaca: “I see it as a complete disgrace. I would like my children to see my youth and the place where I lived my childhood. We were having a picnic, coming with my kids. There is nothing left. I am tired of stone concrete, they have turned Ankara into a pile of stones. I want the old naturalness of Ankara.”

Ozlem Akmese: “It was as if I walked inside a plateau reminiscent of horror movies, not a theme park. Spending money, drying up trees... Believe me, people can hardly keep themselves from crying. A fairground can be built, a botanical garden can be built, a zoo can be built.”

Muhammet Dogan Miller: “I've been here twice before. Even then most toys were not open. It's in a really deplorable state right now, so it's very sad that such a big theme park has come to such a state.”

Ebru Chicken: “We are really sad, it is a ruin… Wasted money… My mother was even more upset because she knew the old state of this place. Maybe something can be done for students. Maybe women's shelters can be built. For teenagers, kids, something can be done.”

Emine Chicken: “I want it to be Atatürk Forest Farm again. I was so sad to see it like this. I was bringing my kids on a picnic. It was beautiful then…”

Hasan Huseyin Aslan: “Actually, we are very sorry. I believe that from now on, it will be a place that will appeal to people of all ages, of all views, and where they can happily wander around and have fun.”

Sedat Polat: “So far, public property has been damaged. What can we do next, how much damage can be saved at least. Citizens also need to put their hands under it… They need to work voluntarily…”

Burcu Akbulut: “So much money has been spent that I don't know if it was necessary or not. I think it should be given to educational institutions. I don't know what will happen to all that stuff, it doesn't work either…”

Buse Akbulut: “We visited and saw places like ruins. For example, 15 thousand houses could be built with this money.


The Metropolitan Municipality will continue to organize free ring services on Saturdays and Sundays between 11.00:16.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX.

The residents of Başkent also asked how they want the ANKAPARK area to be' by filling out the questionnaire proposal form on the address.

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