Tunç Soyer: An Important Stage Has Been Passed for EXPO 2026

Tunç Soyer: An Important Stage Has Been Passed for EXPO 2026
Tunç Soyer: An Important Stage Has Been Passed for EXPO 2026

Preparations continue for the Botanical EXPO, which will be hosted by İzmir in 2026. Speaking about the approval and suspension of the zoning plan changes prepared for the EXPO area Yeşildere, Mayor Soyer said: kazanAn important stage has been passed for the EXPO 2026 project, which will continue," he said.

As a result of the efforts of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, the city has the right to host in 2026. kazanThe zoning plan amendment decisions prepared for Yeşildere, where the world's most important International Horticultural EXPO (Botanical EXPO) will be held, were approved and approved by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Assembly and suspended. It will be organized on an area of ​​approximately 35 hectares with the plans that reorganize the usage decisions on an area of ​​100 hectares, and then it will be opened to the city as the "Green Corridor". kazanwill be raised.

With EXPO 2026, a big green area from Kültürpark will come to the city. kazanwill be called

Mayor Tunç Soyer emphasized that it is an important step to approve and suspend the zoning plan change decisions prepared for Yeşildere. Expressing that EXPO will be a lever for the development of İzmir, President Soyer said, “The first green transformation project in Turkey will start in Yeşildere. Yeşildere, one of the most important arteries of the city, will have an appearance worthy of the city. This is how we will end one of Izmir's long-standing unsolved problems. Left to its own devices, Yeşildere will serve as our new green space, which is bigger than Kültürpark.” Emphasizing that Expo 2026 will be a very special project that will put İzmir and Turkey on the world's agenda, President Soyer said: We are very excited. Whatever we do, we do for Izmir. Whatever we do, we do it with love. We call it İzmir with love.”

On the main transport axis

The area where EXPO 2026 will be held starts under the Atatürk mask, integrating with the Martyrs' Grove and the area south of Kadifekale, where landslides were evacuated due to landslides, and covers the distance between İZBAN line and Meles Creek and Yeşildere Street. The area's location on the main transportation axis providing access to the city from the airport and its proximity to the city center make the area attractive for a world-class organization.

5 million visitors expected

İzmir's EXPO 2026 was unanimously accepted at the General Assembly of the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) as a result of long-standing contacts. From 1 May to 31 October 2026 Living in Harmony It is anticipated that approximately 5 million people will visit the International Horticultural EXPO, which will be held with the main theme.

EXPO 2026, which will open the door to international trade for all producers in the sector from seed to tree, will also increase the awareness of İzmir in the world. The fairground to be established in Yeşildere will be an important attraction center where thematic exhibitions, world gardens, art, culture, food and other activities will take place. While the area welcomes its guests with its gardens and activities during the 6-month EXPO, it later came to İzmir as the living Green Corridor. kazanwill be raised.

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