100-meter new bridge is being built for Türkoğlu

Turkogluna Meter New Bridge Being Built
100-meter new bridge is being built for Türkoğlu

Metropolitan Municipality is renovating the bridge in Türkoğlu Kuyumcular District, which caused disruptions in transportation due to its narrowness. A new bridge with a width of 10 meters and a length of 12 meters is being built with an investment of 100 million TL.

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality continues to bring new projects to the city within the scope of transportation investments. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has built new bridges to many neighborhoods throughout the city, brings a new one to the Türkoğlu Kuyumcular District. A new bridge, 100 meters long and 12 meters wide, is being built instead of the bridge, which poses a danger due to the narrowness of transportation in the region. Foundation excavations, reinforced concrete and iron works have started on the 7-footed bridge.

10 Million TL Investment

In the statement made by the Department of Science Affairs, “We continue to increase our transportation investments throughout the city. While our asphalt works continue, we are building new bridges in order to provide more comfortable transportation to our citizens. In this context, we started the construction of our new project in Türkoğlu Kuyumcular District. We are building a new 100-meter-long and 12-meter-wide bridge to replace the old bridge that poses a danger to transportation. The foundation excavations and iron works of the new bridge, which will have 7 legs, have started. We aim to complete our work in a short time and to ease the transportation of the region even more. Good luck to our fellow citizens living in the region and our district.

Günceleme: 20/07/2022 12:18

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