6th International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest Concluded

International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest Concluded
6th International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest Concluded

6th International Green Crescent Cartoon Competition Award Ceremony, Green Crescent Scientific Committee Chairman Prof. Dr. It was held with the participation of Peyami Çelikcan. 16 artists from 67 countries participated in the competition, which received applications in the "Under 386" category for the first time this year, and explained the theme of "Liberation from Addictions" with their cartoons.

The award ceremony of the International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest, organized by the Green Crescent to raise awareness about addiction by utilizing the power of art, was held online. For the 16th International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest, which received applications for the first time this year in the "Under 6" category and held with the theme of "Liberation from Addictions"; 67 participants from 386 countries applied with 2 works. The competition, which has been taking place for 380 years, has received more than 6 thousand applications so far. First prize winner Vladimir from Ukraine KazanEvsky, the second prize winner was Oleksiy Kustovsky from Ukraine, and the third prize was Cemalettin Güzeloğlu from Turkey; Doğuş Adalı from Turkey, Khodayar Narouei from Iran and Gabriel Lopez from Mexico were deemed worthy of the achievement award. Mazhar Osman Special Award was given to Hamid Ghalijari from Iran. Yağmur Baytekin, Aleyna Sedef and Poyraz Din from Turkey won the "Under 16" category award of the competition, which was held for the first time this year. kazanwas.

Achievement Award GabrielLopez Mexico

Making the opening speech of the award ceremony, Green Crescent Science Board Chairman and Jury Member Prof. Dr. Peyami Çelikcan continued his words as follows:

“Even though there are various concerns about the results of the effort to bring together a serious and important problem like addiction with the humorous language of cartoons, the Green Crescent made the first call for the International Cartoon Contest in 2016 in order to raise awareness about the fight against addictions. Despite being the first in the addiction field, the competition, in which hundreds of cartoonists from dozens of countries participated, was hopeful and encouraging. The quality of the cartoons submitted met the expectations in the best way, as did the interest shown in the competition. reward only kazanNot only the cartoons, but also the ones that were deemed worthy of exhibition were used effectively in the awareness activities of the Green Crescent. As intended, the cartoons succeeded in bringing the problem of addiction to the agenda of the masses. Cartoons, which attracted attention both at home and abroad, were used so intensely and effectively that the Green Crescent Cartoon Contest became the center of attention of cartoonists all over the world. Despite all the negative conditions of the pandemic period, we can consider this extraordinary increase in the number of participation as an indicator of the recognition of the Green Crescent International Cartoon Contest. This exciting stage we have reached in six years gives us all pride and happiness.”

Yasti PoyrazDin Turkey

This year, the total amount of the award was 90 thousand TL.

As a result of the evaluation made by famous cartoonists and experts in the field of addiction, the first prize was awarded 15 thousand TL, the second prize 12 thousand 500 TL, and the third 10 thousand TL. In addition, 3 people were given a 7 thousand 500 TL achievement award, while one person won the 7 thousand 500 TL Mazhar Osman Special Award. Opened for the first time this year, the Under 16 Category will receive an award of 3 thousand 7 TL for 500 people. kazannagged. Green Crescent awarded a total of 6 thousand TL in the 90th International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest.

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