A New Milestone in Automation Technology from FANUC: 5 Millionth CNC Production

New Breakthrough Point in Automation Technology from FANUC Millionth CNC Production
5 Millionth CNC Production from FANUC, New Milestone in Automation Technology

FANUC, the leading leader of numerical control systems in the world markets, broke a new record and realized the 5 millionth CNC production. Maintaining its leading position in factory automation, FANUC has a monthly production capacity of 36 CNCs and provides unlimited warranty for maintenance and repair.

Leading the development of CNC controllers, robots and machines in the automation industry, FANUC has achieved a new success in CNC production, which it started more than 50 years ago. Producing an industrial NC control system earlier than most of its international competitors, FANUC produced its 5 millionth CNC, following the process by which it developed the electrohydraulic pulse motor, which laid the foundation for superior servo technology. FANUC, which has a monthly production capacity of 36 thousand 500 CNCs and combines many artificial intelligence-based functions with the latest FS 30i/31i/32iB Plus and FS0i-F Plus series models, adds value to production with the most advanced CNC and servo technologies.

Every CNC produced is “user friendly”

FANUC Europe President and CEO Shinichi Tanzawa, who said that they are proud to continue the leadership in factory automation with the 5 millionth CNC they have produced, said, “We produce solutions for making technological processes more effective, as well as increasing artificial intelligence, machine working times and production quality under CNC control. . During the production phase, we also consider the user-friendliness of our CNCs. Thanks to a special PC software (CNC GUIDE), we enable machine manufacturers to perform virtual development, simulation and testing on their machine's 'digital twin' during the design and development process. The PC software can also be used as a CNC training software.”

“We provide service for FANUC products as long as our customers need it”

Stating that they offer a very strong service network for all of FANUC's products, Tanzawa continued his words as follows: “We do not impose a time limit for maintenance and repair to all our customers, and we offer a lifetime spare part guarantee. We provide service for all FANUC products, including CNC controllers, as long as our customers need them. We do not only employ field maintenance technicians for this. We also operate our own repair centers around the world. About a third of all CNCs we repair in Europe are over 20 years old. This is one of the most important indicators of our lifetime service and maintenance guarantee. In this way, we believe that our customers will contribute to the sustainability of their factories.”

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