Yozgat is Waiting for the High Speed ​​​​Train: To Become a Destination Tourism City

Yozgat is Waiting for the Fast Train Destination To Become a Tourism City
Yozgat is Waiting for the High Speed ​​​​Train Destination To Become a Tourism City

Yozgat Mayor Celal Köse stated that with the start of Ankara-Sivas-Yozgat High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) services at the end of the year, the distance between Ankara and Yozgat will be reduced to 55 minutes, and added that Yozgat, like Eskişehir, is a tourism destination with a forest lake very close to Ankara. He said it would be the city.

Speaking to Hürriyet, Köse said, “Turkey's first national park is located in Yozgat. We have 600-year-old pine trees. With the investments we have made, we have transformed it into a very beautiful environment where people can breathe, in the forest, by the lake. Yozgat will be a tourism city," he said.


Köse made the following evaluations: “The rail system is coming to Yozgat by the end of the year. High-speed train, our railway line is a big investment. Infrastructure is completely finished. Test drives have begun. This will make a great contribution to Yozgat. It is calculated as 55 minutes from Ankara to Yozgat. Transportation is the most important factor for the development of cities in the world. Our citizens from Yozgat in Ankara will have great convenience in transportation in a cheap, comfortable and fast way. Our airport project was started 2 years ago. Investments are made rapidly to revive tourism. This is a section we call Fatih Nature National Park, a separate section from the National Parks. It is a place used as a picnic area where controlled fires are allowed. We will create tent houses like bungalows.”

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