Who is Cem Uzan, Where is he from? Will Cem Uzan Become a Presidential Candidate?

Who Is Cem Uzan From Where Will Cem Uzan Be A Presidential Candidate?
Who is Cem Uzan, Where is Cem Uzan from, Will He Become a Presidential Candidate?

Former media boss Cem Uzan, Founding Chairman of the Young Party, said, 'Wait for October on media, I have surprises.' The 2023 elections are approaching. While people were wondering about the candidates of the Nation and People's Alliances, a flash statement came from Cem Uzan, the founder of the Genç Party.

Will Cem Uzan Become a Presidential Candidate?

SözcüAnswering the questions of Saygı Öztürk from Turkey, Uzan said: "There are 12 months left until the end of Erdoğan's term of office. CHP, IYI Party, HDP and other opposition parties should not let anyone move their hands. If you wait for the normal process on 25 June 2023, take Turkey to the elections without leading to social, political and vital chaos, just as it went into economic chaos.

Believing that Erdogan will not be a candidate in the next elections, Uzan also said:

“Erdogan's term ends in 12 months. Do nothing, sit down, wait for election time that's it. I call out to all three of the CHP, IYI Party and HDP: Make a commitment to the nation: 'We will not say yes to the early elections and we will ensure that the term of Recep Tayyip Erdogan is over'. Let's see if Recep Tayyip Erdogan can be a candidate. Thus, you will not be dealing with either SADAT or YSK. The election will be on June 25, 2023, and the era of Recep Tayyip Erdogan will end, he will retire. Turkey will open a new page.

Underlining the need to say no to early elections, Uzan said, “For the elections to be held in June 2023, each party will nominate the candidate within the framework of the Constitution, and the people will elect whomever they want. Erdogan will also retire. The Erdogan era will end in 12 months.”

That's why the opposition parties say 'Hold on there; Do nothing, 12 months later, I say, 'Retire Erdogan, let him go'. Do not interfere in his committing crimes against the Constitution”

“I am told 'there are definite prison sentences for you'. To those who say, 'One minute,' I say and respond as follows: Süleyman Demirel was also banned. Has the prime minister become president? it happened. Was Bulent Ecevit banned? He was banned, he became prime minister. Necmettin Erbakan was banned. He became prime minister. Recep Tayyip Erdogan was also banned, did he become prime minister and president? it happened. I am also banned. I will be president, not prime minister. Prohibitions do not prevent anyone as long as the people vote.

Who is Cem Uzan, Where is he from?

Cem Cengiz Uzan (born 26 December 1960; Adapazarı) is a Turkish businessman, politician and former Genç Party chairman. He is the former owner of Star newspaper, Star TV and Kral TV. He was a member of one of Turkey's most economically powerful families, together with his father Kemal Uzan and his brother Hakan Uzan, until their family business was seized by the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF) in 2004.

Cem Uzan, who founded Star TV, Turkey's first private television channel, entered politics by founding the Genç Party in 2002. At the third extraordinary congress of the Young Party held on August 23, 2002, he was elected as the party's chairman. Genç Parti received 2002% of the votes in the 7.25 Turkish general elections and 2007% in the 3.03 Turkish general elections. 2. In the Ergenekon indictment, Cem Uzan, accused of inciting Şener Eruygur to a military coup, lives in France, which accepted his political asylum request. Participating in the 2th Ordinary Congress of the Youth Party held in Ankara on July 2020, 5, by teleconference, announced that the new chairman is Murat Hakan Uzan.


Coming from a Bosnian family, Cem Uzan was born on December 20, 1960 in the Adapazarı district of Sakarya as the child of businessmen Kemal Uzan and Melahat Uzan. He has a brother named Hakan Uzan. Cem Uzan completed his high school education at Istanbul German High School and received his undergraduate degree in business administration from Pepperdine University in the United States. He can speak German, French and English like a mother tongue.

Business life

The first private (Star TV), the first entertainment (Teleon TV), the first music (Kral TV), the first Turkish cinema (Yeşilçam TV) and the first Turkish series (Dizi TV) television channels in the visual and audio media in Turkey; He did important work by establishing the first digital broadcasting platform (Star Digital) with the first private (Super FM), the first arabesque music broadcast (Kral FM), the first foreign music broadcast (Metro FM) and the first slow music broadcast (Joy FM) radio stations. has succeeded. In the field of mobile communication, services such as GPRS, MMS, WAP, MVS, Push-To-Talk were put into service for the first time in Turkey with Telsim.

Star newspaper, which he owns, became the newspaper with the highest circulation in Turkey. Concession agreements in Çukurova and Kepez Elektrik, which are under the management of the Uzan family, were canceled in June 2003, and İmar Bankası and Adabank were seized on 3 July 2003. In February 2004, the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF) seized the management of 219 Uzanlar companies, many of which had injunction orders as part of the Imar Bank investigation.

Youth Party Leadership

Cem Uzan entered politics in the summer of 2002, founded the Young Party and became its chairman. His party received 3% of the vote in the November 2002, 7,25 general election, three months after its establishment. It achieved great success with 66 votes in 2.500.000 days, many universities researched this success, and it became the subject of students' thesis. The Youth Party received 22% of the votes in the general election of 2007 July 3.03, but could not be elected as an MP because it was below the threshold in both elections. In the propaganda process before the 2007 general election, Diesel will be 1 YTL!, Hazelnuts will be 8 YTL! and Immunities will be lifted! slogans like this created an event.

2. In the Ergenekon indictment, it was alleged that he encouraged Şener Eruygur to a military coup. Later, he left Turkey secretly in September 2009 and was searched by Interpol for a while. On 12 October 2009, his application for political asylum in France was accepted. Cem Uzan, who claimed that he was subjected to political lynching by the government, and the French authorities found Uzan right and accepted his application for political asylum. Cem Uzan, who is in political exile in France, left politics because of his health problems and promises he made to his children, and he said this in his interview: “I don't have a political identity, I don't have a political intention. Of course, we should not talk big, you never know what time will bring." he explained.

Private life

Married three times, Cem Uzan made his first marriage to Feyyaz Berker's daughter, Şebnem Berker, and has 2 children, Sinan Kemal and Dilara Gizem, from this marriage. He made his second marriage with Renç Koçibey's daughter, Alara Zeynep Koçibey, and had two more children, Emre Renç and Yasemin Paris, from this marriage. She had a passionate love affair with singer Nez between 2-2001. The relationship ended because Cem Uzan had to go to Paris. Then he got married for the third time on 2011 November with his jewelry designer girlfriend Fanny Blanchelande.

In 2020, his grandson Alev Uzan was born.


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