What is Police Special Operations, What Does It Do, How to Become? Police Special Operations Salaries 2022

What is Police Special Operations What Does It Do How? Police Special Operations Salaries
What is Police Special Operations, What Does It Do, How to Become Police Special Operations Salaries 2022

Police Special Operations is a special unit under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, General Directorate of Security. This unit; consists of personnel working in high-risk areas and receiving special training.

How to Become a Police Special Operations (PÖH)?

Candidates are required to have received training at the Police Training Center. Police Vocational School students can add to their preferences that they want to be a special operations police while continuing their education. In addition, those who continue their profession as a police officer have the right to apply to become a PÖH. With the Decree Law No. 671, the police can also apply for special action.

Those who want to work as a special movement police must successfully pass the physical exam and the interview exam. After these two exams, the candidate must receive training at the police training center and complete it. POMEM physical proficiency exam; It consists of jumping, running through the tire, carrying weights, somersaults, slalom run and obstacle stage.

PÖH Conditions

Police Vocational School students and people working in the police department can apply to become a PÖH. However, both groups of candidates are expected to meet some conditions for application. In this context, the first requirement for PÖH candidates is the age limit. According to this condition, candidates must not be more than 28 years old. Candidates must be citizens of the Republic of Turkey and must not have a handicap to carry weapons.

If candidates who want to become PÖH are married, both their own and their spouse's criminal records are examined. In addition, candidates must prove that they are not a member of any political organization at the time of application. Persons who are deprived of public rights or who have been expelled from the police training institution cannot apply. Persons receiving treatment for alcohol and other addictions do not have the right to apply for special police operations.

No KPSS threshold requirement is expected from the candidates during the PÖH application. However, the applicant is required to have at least a high school education as an educational criterion. The discharge date of the candidates must be at least 3 years before the application date.

If you want to become a Police Special Operations, you should know what requirements you have to meet as well as salaries. Some of them can be listed as follows;

  1. Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey
  2. Not having a day at the age of 28
  3. Having completed military service
  4. Have a high school or higher graduation status
  5. Not being a public servant
  6. Not to commit a disgraceful crime, not to be prosecuted for these crimes, not to be convicted
  7. Not to be deprived of public rights for any reason
  8. No psychological problems related to the use of weapons and other equipment
  9. Getting enough points from KPSS

In addition, the necessary height conditions must be met.

What are PÖH Duties?

until the PÖH application It is also important what the people in this position do. These can be outlined as follows;

  1. Escorting foreign dignitaries when necessary
  2. Prepare mission-related equipment
  3. Participating in operations such as cell house, vehicle, building and aircraft
  4. Participating in terrorist organization operations
  5. Taking part as a sniper in community events
  6. After the operations, handing over the seized persons to the relevant units
  7. Participate in continuing education
  8. Maintaining physical fitness

Police Special Operations also has other duties. Candidates must know these before applying.

Police Special Operations Salaries 2022

PÖH salaries average between 9.000 and 12.000 Turkish liras. However, these may vary from year to year. It is also a factor in cases such as seniority, marital status, number of children.

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