What is the Police, What Does it Do, How to Become? Police Salaries 2022

Police Officer

A police officer is a person who works for local governments and works for the protection of public order and public health. Police officers do not carry weapons like gendarmerie or police during their duty to maintain public order.

What does the police do, what are their duties?

Police officers are responsible for maintaining public order, establishing peace and protecting public health in the region where they are assigned. Some of the constabulary are stationary and some are mobile. Apart from this, the duties and responsibilities of the police are listed as follows;

  • To carry out routine or raid inspections of companies producing, selling or distributing food materials,
  • To ensure that all processes that may pose a threat to public health are stopped,
  • To identify unlicensed workplaces and to implement the necessary procedures,
  • To identify workplaces that have licenses but do not fully perform operations such as occupation and implement the necessary procedures,
  • To ensure the supervision of areas such as the district market,
  • To identify the vendors who have not received permission from the municipality and to implement the necessary procedures,
  • To detect unauthorized postings or posters and to take necessary actions.

How to Become a Police?

Police officers can work as civil servants or workers depending on district or provincial municipalities. Police officers who want to work as civil servants have to get enough points to be appointed from KPSS. The requirements for becoming a police officer can be listed as follows;

  • Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,
  • Not to be deprived of public rights,
  • Not to have committed a disgraceful crime or been convicted,
  • To be at least high school graduate,
  • Not to fall below the height limit of 175 centimeters for men and 165 centimeters for women.

Police Salaries 2022

The lowest Constable salary received in 2022 was calculated as 7.400 TL, the average Salary of the Constabulary was 9.800 TL, and the highest Constable salary was calculated as 13.500 TL.

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