What is a lecturer, what does he do, how to be? Faculty Salaries 2022

What is a Faculty Member, What Does It Do, How to Become, Faculty Member Salaries
What is a Lecturer, What Does He Do, How to Become Lecturer Salaries 2022

lecturer; They are academic staff who work permanently at universities and have titles such as associate professor or professor. Faculty members can work in institutions such as universities, colleges or institutes that are supervised by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK).

What Does a Lecturer Do, What Are His Duties?

faculty members; It has different duties such as raising students or doing academic studies. Generally, the responsibilities of faculty members working in the branches of universities related to their fields are listed as follows;

  • Working in the process of educating associate, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students,
  • Providing an interactive environment and making learning easy,
  • To carry out academic activities related to the field,
  • Consulting different processes such as thesis, project and proficiency in art,
  • Participating in symposiums, congresses and panels,
  • Conducting research for peer-reviewed journals.

How to Become a Faculty Member?

The steps to be followed by those who want to become a faculty member can be listed as follows;

  • To graduate from universities with a bachelor's degree,
  • To attend ALES (Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Entrance Exam) and pass the threshold score of the field to be applied,
  • Passing the threshold score of the field to be applied in exams such as YDS (Foreign Language Proficiency Exam) and YÖKDİL (Higher Education Institutions Foreign Language),
  • To complete processes such as doctorate, proficiency in art or specialization in medicine,
  • Applying for the quotas and starting a job as a faculty member.

Of course, the teaching process does not end here. Apart from all these, in order to get titles such as associate professor or professor, it is necessary to publish articles in peer-reviewed journals or to get citations with the studies done.

Adopting lifelong learning as a principle is shown as the most important qualification expected from a faculty member. Apart from this, the qualifications expected from faculty members are listed as follows;

  • Good knowledge of foreign languages,
  • Being open to different ideas
  • To follow academic developments,
  • Participating in research.

Faculty Salaries 2022

The lowest Faculty Member salary received in 2022 is 7.500 TL, the average Faculty Member salary is 10.700 TL, and the highest Faculty Member salary is 14.600 TL.

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