Wedding, Engagement, Soldier's Farewell Circular from the Ministry of Interior!

Wedding April Soldier's Farewell Circular from the Ministry of the Interior
Wedding, Engagement, Soldier's Farewell Circular from the Ministry of Interior!

Ministry of Internal Affairs, wedding, engagement, military farewell, etc. sent a new circular to 81 provincial governorships for activities. In the circular, it was requested to be careful against the incidents of shooting into the air with a firearm and to review the measures due to the increasing number of weddings, engagements, and soldier farewell events during the summer months.

In the circular, it was stated that shooting into the air with a firearm during celebrations and events that are part of our culture, such as holidays, weddings, sending off soldiers, and sports competitions, causes undesirable and sad events.

Article 5237 of the Turkish Penal Code No. 170, titled "Not intentionally endangering general security", states: The person who uses it is punished with imprisonment from six months to three years.” It was reminded that the governorships were instructed to carry out the necessary judicial and criminal actions in accordance with the provision, to issue a general order regarding raising awareness in activities to be held in open areas, and to receive undertakings from the organization owners.

Thanks to the Measures Taken, the Number of Incidents Has Decreased by 3 percent in the Last 79 Years

In the circular, the Ministry also shared the results of the measures taken in previous years.

According to this; When the data for 2019 and 2021 are examined; It was stated that while 2019 incidents occurred in 1.888, the number of incidents decreased to 2021 with a decrease of 78,76% in 401.

Citizens Will Be Informed With Posters "Don't Shoot Happiness Blackening the Future"

Wedding, engagement, military farewell, sports competitions, victory celebrations, etc. Considering that the events will increase in the summer months, citizens will be informed with posters with the slogan "Don't shoot at happiness, don't darken the future". These posters will be published in local/national press/media organs, especially on social media platforms, will be hung on billboards in provinces and districts, and will be used on official websites of public institutions and organizations.

The Practice of Obtaining Commitments from Wedding Owners Will Continue

The governorships will review the preventive measures for the said events, the inspections will be increased and additional measures can be taken according to the conditions of the locality.

In order to prevent all kinds of negativities, including shooting into the air in the event areas, the practice of obtaining undertakings from the event/organization owners will continue.

Under the coordination of governors and district governors, local governments, non-governmental organizations, professional chambers, local media, etc. Campaigns will be organized to increase social awareness in which institutions will be involved.

Social awareness will be increased by putting the issue on the agenda at the muhtar and public meetings held under the chairmanship of the governor or district governor.

Civilian personnel will be assigned to these events/organizations by law enforcement units.

In cases where it is determined that public personnel opened fire in the air at the events, necessary judicial / administrative proceedings will be initiated against the relevant personnel.

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