Üsküdar Atatürk Monument Will See the Value It Deserves

Uskudar Ataturk Monument Will See the Value It Deserves
Üsküdar Atatürk Monument Will See the Value It Deserves

IMM, which saved the Üsküdar coast from floods with its infrastructure works, took action to open the Atatürk Monument and its surroundings, which are used as a parking lot in the same region, to the use of Istanbulites. However, the legal work initiated for this purpose was unlawfully prevented.


The attack was carried out in the morning hours to the work started to ensure that the Üsküdar Atatürk Monument and its surroundings, located on the Üsküdar Salacak coast, are appreciated and more visible. IMM teams, which started work to bring the area under the authority of IMM to Üsküdar and Istanbul, was physically intervened by the district municipality officials. The area, which is located in the cadastral space next to the Üsküdar Atatürk Monument on the Salacak beach and whose zoning status is a green area, has been converted into a car park by the former İBB administration. It was made available to İSPARK. The area, which is under the authority of IMM due to its cadastral space, was transferred to IMM Heritage by IMM Company ISPARK. IMM Heritage teams took action immediately so that the idle area could see the value it deserves. Project work was initiated by IMM Heritage for the restoration of the Atatürk Monument and the arrangement of its surroundings.

Although the area is under the jurisdiction of IMM, it was wanted to intervene in an unfair and unlawful way by the officials of the district municipality, which started at 09.00:XNUMX. IMM Heritage and IMM police teams were battered by district municipality officials. IMM Heritage team vehicles were damaged by physical intervention.


Work had to stop at the Üsküdar Atatürk Monument and its surroundings. A criminal complaint will be filed against the IMM officials acting on behalf of the public, for being prevented and battered while on duty.


IMM will continue its work despite all the attempts to prevent it, in order to ensure that the Atatürk Monument and its surroundings, which have been built by the public by collecting money, which have been surrounded by a car park for years and whose existence has even been forgotten, are visible and open to the visits of Istanbulites. It will definitely bring the area to our Istanbul.


Üsküdar Atatürk Monument, located on the coast of Salacak, was built between 1971 and 1973 by the "Atatürk Monument Construction Association" with the money collected voluntarily from the people of Istanbul. The monument is the first and only Turkish sculptor, Prof. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who made a bust by looking at him. It was designed by Kenan Yontunc.

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