TAI Signed 50 Thousand Core Computer Investment

TUSAS Signed a Thousand-Core Computer Investment
TAI Signed 50 Thousand Core Computer Investment

Turkish Aerospace Industries added a new one to its infrastructure investments in information technologies in order to perform the analyzes needed in the projects. Turkish Aerospace Industries, which increased the number of processors that had previously reached 20 thousand cores by 3,5 times, became a pioneer in this field by investing in high performance cluster computers with 50 thousand cores. Aiming to save a lot of time in tests and analyzes with a capacity of 70 thousand cores, the company will analyze alternative test scenarios for the aircraft it has developed.

Developing world-class projects for Turkey's independent defense and aerospace ecosystem, Turkish Aerospace Industries has invested in 50 core computers that will save time in tests needed in all processes of the aircraft it develops, from design to production. The company, which previously carried its processor capacity to over 20 thousand cores, will reduce the time of thousands of interconnected calculations by a quarter, thanks to the new investment. Thus, it will contribute to the shortening of the project schedules of the original aircraft.

With the new investment, which will shorten the duration of the tests carried out in all product groups, especially the National Combat Aircraft, the technical staff for the operation of the computer and the engineers who will analyze the data will also be assigned to the company. kazanemployment will be contributed. Thus, Turkish Aviation and Space Industry can contribute to the aviation ecosystem of human resources that can analyze more than one test at the same time. kazanIt will also be a pioneer in its development.

Sharing his views on the investment, Turkish Aerospace Industries General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil said, “Today, digital tests have started to replace physical tests. In order to carry out these tests, which number up to millions, and to analyze the data, with the great support of our state, our investments that will enable us to realize our projects that will carry our country to the next level in the field of aviation continue. Considering the 2023 vision targets, we aim to bring our aircraft to the sky in a shorter time with this investment. All the new generation technologies used by the world in the field of aviation are delivered to our company. kazanWe will continue to climb,” he said.

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