Turkish Red Crescent, Domestic and International 2022 Sacrifice Fees Determined

Turkish Red Crescent Announces Sacrifice Fees
Turkish Red Crescent Announces 2022 Sacrifice Fees

According to the statement made by the Red Crescent, the cost of sacrifice abroad was 1475 TL, and the domestic sacrifice price was 2475 TL. The Red Crescent announced the prices of domestic and foreign victims with the sacrifice slaughter campaign by proxy. A press conference was held at the Turkish Red Crescent Istanbul Sütlüce Campus, where the targets for 2022 and the amount of sacrifice attorney were shared. Deputy Chairman of the Turkish Red Crescent Prof. Dr. Fatma Meriç Yılmaz and Kızılay employees attended.

Turkish Red Crescent Vice President Prof. Dr. Fatma Meriç Yılmaz said, “We have completed the preparations this year. This year, we have planned a share cut of 42 thousand shares in the country and 100 thousand shares abroad. This organization will take place in 22 countries, including Turkey. It will be at 50 different points in total. The needy to be reached was determined as 4 million. A plan was made to deliver sacrificial meat to 81 million people in 1 provinces. First, our donors will give their power of attorney.

Then, an informative message is sent to the donor who gave the power of attorney. The cuts will be applied under the supervision of religious officials. Modern and hygienic slaughterhouses are being prepared. During the cut, the names of the shareholders are read. After the cut, a message is sent to the person. Slaughter will be made in 22 countries, including Turkey. There are countries such as Palestine and Yemen, just like last year," he said.

Yılmaz said, “We are announcing our sacrifice price for the year 2022. Our sacrifice prices have been determined as 2 liras for domestic and 475 liras for abroad. Citizens living abroad can also donate to victims. If they want to pay in foreign currency, it is 475 Euros or 165 Dollars in Turkey. If they want to take a nap abroad, it is possible to give their power of attorney for 175 euros or 100 dollars,” he said.

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