Turkish Armed Forces Successfully Conducts EFES-2022 Exercise

Turkish Armed Forces Performs EFES Exercise Successfully
Turkish Armed Forces Successfully Conducts EFES-2022 Exercise

In addition to the Turkish Armed Forces operations, it also carries out non-stop drills and training activities. Planned exercises were carried out successfully in April and May.

EFES-2022 Combined, Joint Actual Field Exercise; Hosted by Turkey, under the management and administration of the Aegean Army Command, with the participation of friendly and allied country elements, between 09 May-09 June 2022, in 2 phases; It is carried out in Western Anatolia, Central Aegean, İzmir Bay and Doğanbey Shooting Exercise Region.

Observers from 2022 countries, as well as General Staff, Land, Naval and Air Forces Command, Gendarmerie General Command, Special Forces Command, ministries and public institutions and non-governmental organizations, participated in the EFES-37 Exercise, which is one of the largest joint and joint exercises of the Turkish Armed Forces. unity and elements are involved.

The purpose of the exercise; It is the development of the combat readiness level of the participating country elements in a combined and joint operation to cover all the tasks to be given. In practice; amphibious operation supported by artillery will be carried out under a generic scenario; targets will be hit by ground fire support vehicles, warplanes and attack helicopters. In EFES-2022, where Special Forces Operations will also be carried out, ship-to-target maneuvering, airlift, combat search and rescue, and residential area capabilities will also be demonstrated.

In addition, on June 6, 2022 (today), the Defense Industry Exhibition was opened in the Doğanbey Practice Area (Seferihisar/İzmir) in İzmir with the participation of 48 defense industry companies. Under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, with the support and encouragement, the high-tech weapon systems produced by our defense industry, whose nationality and nationality rate is close to 80 percent, were also used successfully in the exercise.

In this context; In the EFES-2022 Combined, Joint Actual Field Exercise;

In the Land Operation;

  • The KNT-76 Sniper Rifle, produced with national means,
  • Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles (Cobra-2, Hedgehog-2, Shooter),
  • 106mm. Mortar,
  • PROTON ELİC Tunnel Detection device,
  • PARS OMTAS Tower Wheeled Vehicle,
  • CORNET (Tiger),
  • Pedestal Mounted Javelin (Sipahi),
  • Explosive Suspicious Object Disposal Vehicle (Hedgehog-2),

In Air Assault Operation;

  • Akinci TİHA,
  • T-129 ATAK helicopters produced with national means,
  • S-70 and 105 mm howitzer,
  • 35 mm Modernized Towed Gun and Fire Management Device,

In the Naval Operation;

  • Striking Unmanned Aerial Vehicle,
  • maritime patrol aircraft training torpedo,
  • autonomous underwater vehicle,

In Air Operation;

  • Laser Guided Munitions,
  • Various weapons and systems, such as the Precision Guidance Kit Ammunition, were used in different ways and for the first time.

In the exercise, our armed forces with its highly qualified personnel and the opportunities and capabilities provided by our domestic/national defense industry; It shows once again that it is increasing its effective, deterrent and respectable qualities day by day and adding strength to its power.

Our Turkish Armed Forces; As it was in the past, it has proved once again that it is capable and determined to fulfill all kinds of duties assigned to it in the best way to protect the rights, interests and interests of our country today and in the future. In the coming period, we will continue to keep our Turkish Armed Forces' combat readiness at the highest level with our drills and training activities, and to support regional and global peace at the same time.

Günceleme: 07/06/2022 11:47

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