Train Accident in Slovakia: 4 Injured, 70 Seriously

Train Accident in Slovakia u Seriously Injured
Train Accident in Slovakia 4 Injured, 70 Seriously

While 4 people were injured, 70 of them seriously, as a result of the collision of a locomotive and a passenger train in Slovakia's Zilina Region, there was no loss of life in the accident.

In Slovakia's Zilina Region, between the towns of Vrutky and Varin, a locomotive crashed into a stationary passenger train, resulting in 4 injuries, four of them seriously. While the information that the drivers lost their lives was denied by the firefighters, the medical teams who came to the scene took the seriously injured patients to the hospital by helicopter.

Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger said: “Unfortunately, there was a serious train accident. Our Ministers of Interior, Health and Transport are going to the scene. They will keep me informed of the situation. "I would like to thank all the rescue teams who were at the scene," he said.

Professional firefighters from Martin, Zilina and Trenn and rescuers from Zilina and Banovce nad Bebravou are at the crash site, as well as volunteer firefighters.

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