She Takes Her First Steps After Microdiscectomy Surgery

She Takes Her First Steps After Microdiscectomy Operation
He Takes His First Steps After Microdiscectomy Operation

Burcu Sönmez, 34, who has back and leg pain and has difficulty walking due to partial paralysis, regained her health as a result of the operation performed at the Private Health Hospital.

Private Health Hospital Brain and Nerve Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Burcu Sönmez, who found health with the Microdiscectomy operation performed by Serkan Zengin, said that she was happy to be able to walk again.


Giving information about the operation, Op. Dr. Serkan Zengin said, “Burcu Sönmez has been receiving physical therapy, back injection and medical treatment for the last 1 year. Despite these, he had ongoing low back and leg pain and partial paralysis of his left ankle and big toe for 1 year. As a result of the examinations and physical examination of our patient, who could not walk by lifting her foot, we detected a hernia in her waist and planned the operation the next day. Our patient regained his health after a 3 cm incision and Microdiscectomy, which took 45 minutes on average. In the examination performed 1 hour later, we saw that his paralysis was completely healed and he could walk comfortably. We discharged our patient with healing. We wish him a healthy life," he said.


Stating that lumbar hernia can be seen widely in the middle age group, Op. Dr. Serkan Zengin said, “It is the pain that occurs after the soft tissue (disc) between the bones, which we call the spine, comes out of the place where they are and comes into contact with the nearby nerves or spinal cord. A pain spreading especially towards the leg indicates a herniated disc. Depending on the location of the displaced soft tissue and the level of compression of the affected nerve, a number of signs accompanied by loss of sensation (numbness) and loss of strength can be observed. In this case, the treatment process should be planned by the specialist doctor.

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