Thales Supply ETCS Level 2 Onboard Equipment to Softronic in Romania

Thales Provides Softronice ETCS Level Onboard Equipment in Romania
Thales Supply ETCS Level 2 Onboard Equipment to Softronic in Romania

Romanian locomotive manufacturer Softronic has commissioned Thales to deliver and equip five LEMA locomotives with ETCS (European Train Control System) Level 2 and PZB vehicle equipment for transnational operation in Romania, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia. The vehicles will also be equipped with the national train control system MIREL, which will be implemented by the company HMH from Slovenia.

The LEMA 6000 kW is designed for universal use and is suitable, inter alia, for the traction of very heavy trains running on tracks with extreme ice or snow and leaves. Electric locomotives can operate in cross-border traffic across the European Union on routes with an overhead line voltage of 15kV or 25kV.

“We are very pleased with this first ETCS Level 2 onboard system project in the Balkans, as it opens up new possibilities for further business activity in a high-potential ETCS market,” says Markus Fritz, Vice President, Germany Main Line Signaling Domain. Thales Deutschland.“ Together with our partner Softronic, we are laying the foundations for a successful and long-term cooperation in the Romanian market, thereby shaping the future of modern and safe rail transport,” Fritz continues.

“We are very proud to be a partner of Softronic in one of our first ETCS Level 2 onboard systems in Europe and allows us to build a path to new opportunities to help our customer modernize their railways in Romania,” says Claudiu-Vasile Seicean, Managing Director. Line Signaling Domain Romania in Thales.

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