Beach Park and 32 Evler Beach in Sakarya Receive Blue Flag Award

Seaside Park and Evler Beach in Sakarya Received the Blue Flag Award
Beach Park and 32 Evler Beach in Sakarya Receive Blue Flag Award

As a result of the sensitive infrastructure and superstructure works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality on the northern beaches, Sahil Park and 32 Evler beaches in Karasu received the blue flag award for this season.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality made serious preparations to prepare the northern beaches for the beautiful and safe summer season. Before the start of the tourism season on the northern coasts, all stormwater and sewerage infrastructures were renewed and operations were carried out for the superstructure in accordance with the texture of the region. Work has been completed on the 150-meter-long Sahil Park Beach, located next to the Sahil Park, where thousands of citizens are hosted every summer season in Karasu, and the 150-meter-long and 80-meter-wide 32 Evler Beach, located on the same lane.

Blue flag for 2 beaches in Sakarya

The International Environmental Education Foundation (FEE), which conducts annual inspections for the blue flag in 44 cities in Turkey, decided to give blue flags to both beaches for 2022 as a result of its investigations in the region. After the decision made by the International Blue Flag Jury, Sakarya took its place in the list of 2022 Blue Flag Awards with its 2 beaches. It was emphasized that the Metropolitan Municipality of Karasu, Kaynarca and Kocaali are ready to host their guests from all over Turkey and the world.

“We are ready, we are waiting for our guests”

In the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, "We live the pure beauty of the Black Sea in our northern region, which is one of the most distinguished regions of Sakarya, and we host hundreds of thousands of our citizens from all over Turkey and even the world. In our holiday region, which is one of the strongest centers of tourism and trade in our city, all our teams are ready to work on the beaches covering our 3 districts. We gave training to our most professional lifeguards, determined as a result of the interviews. They will be on watch every second with the goal of 'zero casualties' on the beach. We express to all our guests that they can choose our beautiful northern districts Karasu, Kocaali and Kaynarca with peace of mind, we wish you a good season.

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