'Safe Education' Application from Police and Gendarmerie

Safe Education Application from Police and Gendarmerie
'Safe Education' Application from Police and Gendarme

The 'Safe Training' application was carried out across the country with the participation of 61 thousand 45 personnel affiliated to the General Directorate of Security (EGM) of the Ministry of Interior and the General Command of the Gendarmerie.

In the statement made by the EGM, it was stated that the aim of the application is to ensure the continuation of the environment of peace and security, to keep children and young people away from crime, to catch wanted persons and to seize crime elements.

In the statement, which stated that the application was carried out simultaneously across the country, 19 thousand 365 school bus vehicles were inspected in the applications carried out with the participation of 61 thousand 45 mixed teams and 18 thousand 28 Police and Gendarmerie personnel. A total of 245 vehicles and their drivers were penalized, including 236 violations of 'not wearing a seat belt', 68 'not having a vehicle inspection', 40 violations of 'non-compliance with the School Service Vehicles Regulation', and 501 violations of 'carrying too many passengers'. While 293 school bus vehicles, which were found to be missing, were banned from traffic, 11 drivers' licenses were withdrawn. 23 public places, parks and gardens, derelict buildings, places where volatile substances such as lighter fluid and thinner, alcohol and especially open/packaged tobacco products are sold across the country, especially around 389 schools, were inspected. Administrative action was taken against 32 workplaces. 252 thousand 24 people in public places were questioned.

In practice, a total of 29 wanted persons were caught and 12 missing children were found, including 36 drug offenses, 39 sexual offenses, 34 bodily harm, 20 theft, 8 fraud, 402 threats, 160 insults, 740 fugitive-attendance and 12 other crimes. 3 unlicensed pistols, 1 unlicensed hunting rifle, 3 blank pistols and 4 cutting/drilling tools were obtained.

Also in the application; 3 thousand 167 grams of cannabis, 2 grams of heroin, 10 grams of synthetic drugs, 2 thousand 915 packages of illegal cigarettes, 71 thousand 200 filled macarons, 30,6 kilograms of chopped tobacco and 403 illegal cigars were seized.

Günceleme: 15/06/2022 16:53

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