'QR CODE' Era Has Begun on Street Signs in the Capital

'QR CODE Period Has Begun' On Street Signs In The Capital
'QR CODE' Era Has Begun on Street Signs in the Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which closely follows technological developments and brings together the citizens of the Capital with smart city applications, has now started the 'QR CODE' era on street signs. ABB President Mansur Yavaş, who announced on his social media accounts that they have placed QR codes on the new boulevard, avenue and street signs, which have been replaced with the Ankara font, said, "There is a different memory in every corner of our Ankara."

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has implemented a new application within the scope of the “Ankara on the Street” project, which is carried out under the coordination of the Police Department, in order to give the capital a corporate identity.

Continuing to bring together the smart city applications and the citizens of the Capital, ABB has now started the 'QR CODE' application on the street, avenue and boulevard signs renewed with the Ankara font. Announcing the start of the new application through his social media accounts, Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş said, “Every corner of our Ankara has a different memory. We are placing QR codes on the signs so that all our citizens have the opportunity to discover the precious meanings of the names of our streets and streets.”


While 'QR Codes' containing the CVs of martyrs, local and foreign statesmen, athletes and artists whose names were immortalized by giving their names to streets, streets and boulevards in the capital, and various information about the region, were placed on the signs, thus citizens had their smart phones read and the person whose name was on the sign. can easily access information.

The QR code contents will include various features of the region, especially the famous people residing in the region, as well as historical and cultural information. Bahcelievler Prof. Dr. Muammer Aksoy, Martyr H. Temel Kuğuoğlu and Martyr Meryem Yılmaztürk Head of the Police Department Mustafa Koç, who examined the practice on-site, and started the activities of the Ankara Working Group on the Street, consisting of 7 universities and 5 non-governmental organizations, under the heading 'We make our Ankara beautiful together'. Said it was continuing.

Stating that they follow the technological innovations and make the lives of the people of the capital easier, Koç gave the following information about the new application:

“One of these activities within the scope of the project was to change Ankara's street or street signs, to create an Ankara-specific Ankara font, and we continue to implement it throughout Ankara. In another stage, we determined that the names of our martyrs, statesmen and great artists were not known by our citizens on the streets that were named after them, and we implemented a new practice, thinking that if a street was named after a person, his story should be found right next to it. Our citizens will be able to learn both the entire CV of the person named and the story of this street and street by scanning the QR code on the phone with the application.

Stating that with the QR codes placed on the signboards, historical monuments with architectural value on the streets and avenues will also be promoted, Koç said, “Starting from the center, expanding outwards based on the Çankaya region, Bahçelievler and Atatürk Boulevard, it will soon cover all the streets and avenues of Ankara. we will spread. We make use of public resources, open sources, neighborhood associations and headmen while creating the database here. We do not put the application after confirming the academic knowledge. If our citizens who want to contribute to such studies report the information and documents they have to our Police Department, we will be able to add them to the QR code content after receiving confirmation from the authorized institutions.


Berk Yılmaztürk, son of Meryem Yılmaztürk, who lost her life in the terrorist attack on Merasim Street, expressed her thoughts on the new application with the following words:

“Our country has given many victims to terrorism and the names of these martyrs are given to the streets and avenues by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. These names remained only names and no one knew who they were. This is a very nice and valuable app. Our martyrs are the spiritual values ​​of our nation. We need to know how they made heroic sacrifices. As a martyr's relative, I felt very proud."

Vedat Yılmaztürk, wife of Martyr Meryem Yılmaztürk, said, “After my wife's martyrdom, our Metropolitan Municipality made us very happy by naming the street in front of my wife's house after her. But there was a shortcoming here. Of course, people saw, but they did not know who the martyrs were. We are very pleased that they made such an explanatory application. In our country, there are many folk heroes who have become a part of society. We are pleased with this initiative made to keep their memories and memories alive,” said Retired Officer Mehmet Kalınsaz, who stated that the new application will help keep the memory of the society alive.

“Martyr H. Temel Kuloğlu Gendarmerie Captain who wrote here is our martyr. I know it, but I guess many people who see this name do not. I'm very good with this app. The streets and avenues of a city are an indicator that introduces the history of that city and that city. Ankara's streets and avenues show the history of Turkey. Knowing the names of the people living in this city made me very emotional, I was very happy. I would like to thank our Mayor and his team who brought the application to life.”

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