Police Special Operations Teams Prepare for Real Operations with Virtual Training

Police Special Operations Teams Prepare for Real Operations with Virtual Training
Police Special Operations Teams Prepare for Real Operations with Virtual Training

Police Special Operations (PÖH) teams affiliated to the General Directorate of Security provide "direct operation capability" with trainings in artificial intelligence created environments for many areas from residential areas to aircraft, ships, subways and oil exploration platforms. kazanhe's eating.

In the Virtual Tactics Training Center (SATEM), which has been operating for 4 years within the scope of the Special Operations Directorate, PÖHs are provided with training to increase their ability to act together as a team, develop reflexes and shoot, with the "perceive, decide, apply" method in a closed area of ​​1085 square meters. .

Equipped with “wearable technology”, PÖHs encounter the enemy in virtual environments created by artificial intelligence-assisted computers, where satellite maps and building plans are loaded.

Using the same weight as the real weapons and equipment they use in operations, PÖHs first experience neutralizing targets in a virtual environment.

Finding the enemies prepared by artificial intelligence inadequate in some cases, PÖHs also get help from their colleagues from time to time. In such cases, PÖHs face off against their colleagues, who replace the enemy, in a virtual environment.

The Purpose is to Prevent Operations in Uncertainty

Special Operations Police Hüseyin Gökdemir, who made statements about the trainings given at the Virtual Tactics Training Center, said that the center, which was established in 2018, is actively used.

Explaining that in the virtual environment created in the center, special operations teams were given residential area operations and rescue trainings for aircraft, vehicles, buildings, ships and hostages, and said, “Thanks to this system, our personnel can experience the place to be operated in the virtual tactical training center beforehand. kazanit's getting worse. This is the most advantageous part of the system we have used, preventing the special operations police from operating in obscurity.” said.

Gökdemir said that this system is available in 3 countries around the world and the largest one is in Turkey with a closed area of ​​1085 square meters.

Providing information about the activities at the center, Gökdemir said: “We are bringing real environments here one-on-one. It could be a land, it could be a train, it could be an airplane. The personnel experience the place where the operation will be performed, work, and then rehearse it here. The whole system is being prepared by the special operations personnel. Here we work as a technical and tactical team. The sections are prepared by the technical team, which is composed of experts among the special operations personnel, and after the evaluation of our tactical team, the virtual operation area is prepared. The staff makes the pre-operation planning. He goes into the operation and after the operation he makes the evaluation and finishes the whole phase.”

Even the Cartridge Cost Covered the System Cost

Stating that PÖHs trained in the Virtual Tactics Training Center have used approximately 36 million virtual cartridges since the first day of the system, Gökdemir said, “When the cartridges fired are taken into account, it is seen that the cost of the system has been covered with this savings. While personnel can safely experience real environments, costs are significantly reduced as no real cartridges are used. We are able to create a safe and sustainable educational environment.” said.

Explaining that it is possible to capture motion with the “Virtual Reality (VR)” system, Gökdemir said: “We are now turning to this in the era of developing technology. We put our operations in a technology environment. In motion capture technology, the personnel go out with computers in special clothes and backpacks that can be worn here. There are 152 cameras in the system. These cameras are in connection with the reflective balls on the personnel and detect every movement and transfer it to the glasses. In this way, it makes it appear in the script.

Both the pistols we use and the long-barreled guns are exactly the same in weight, and we can make additions to the equipment on them. It could be a virtual lantern, it could be thermals in various ways. We can mount them on our weapons as well.”

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