Opel Corsa Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

Opel Corsa Celebrates Pearl Year
Opel Corsa Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

📩 10/06/2022 14:13

Celebrating its 2022th anniversary in 160, Opel is also celebrating the 1982th anniversary of the Corsa, which has sold over 14 million copies since 40 and succeeded to become the reference model of its class with each generation. Offering high-end technologies in the small class, Corsa continues to be on the road with its sixth generation. Bringing many innovations to its class with its current generation, Corsa's electric version, Corsa-e, has already managed to account for about a quarter of the brand's sales in the world market.

Making innovations accessible to everyone for 160 years, Opel is also celebrating the 40th birthday of one of its best-selling models, the Corsa. While the Opel Corsa revolutionized the small car class with its introduction in 1982, today it is in demand more than ever with its sixth generation. The Corsa was Germany's "Best Selling Compact Car" and "Britain's Best Selling Car" last year. The Corsa-e, which won the 2020 Golden Steering Wheel award to the Opel museum, already accounts for about a quarter of Corsa sales in the world market.

The success story started with the Kadett

To fully understand the popularity of the Corsa since its debut in 1982, one must first look at another successful model, the Opel Kadett. The Opel Kadett was a small car designed and developed to reach more people, at a time when driving was still a true luxury. Users have quickly become more demanding as well-being has increased over the decades. Thus, the small Opel Kadett grew in the second half of the 20th century, became stronger and closer to the compact class with each new version. This development story created a gap below the German brand's entry-level model.

Thus, the time has come for a new, original and compact car. The Corsa first rolled off the production line of the new car factory built in Zaragoza in the fall of 1982, and was soon on its way to becoming the best-selling model for Opel. In the 40 years since its inception, over 14 million Corsas have been produced, mostly in Zaragoza and Eisenach.

Much of this success is due to the numerous high-end technologies introduced in different Corsa generations and previously only available in higher-end vehicles. In addition to safety and support systems such as ABS and airbags, 180 degree panoramic reversing camera, traffic sign detection system, active lane tracking system and Intelli-Lux LED® Matrix Headlights are just a few of them. With its sixth generation, the Corsa shows how suitable it is for the future. For the first time since 2019, the Opel Corsa-e offers completely emission-free driving.

Success story spanning six generations

Opel Corsa A (1982 – 1993)

Corsa A had very compact dimensions with a length of only 3,62 meters. It stood out with its bulging fender arches, similar to a rally car. Chief designer Erhard Schnell had created a sporty compact car with sharp lines that appealed more to men. The 100 hp Corsa GSi attracted a lot of attention, and it also had a diesel version. The popular five-door version was added in 1985 to the two-door hatchback and sedan versions. The Corsa A was very popular and went down in history as the best-selling model with 3,1 million units.

Opel Corsa B (1993 – 2000)

Despite the success of the first Corsa, Opel changed its strategy in the second generation and decided to position the Corsa as the darling of female users. Opel design legend Hideo Kodama; He created a much softer Corsa with attractive round-eyed headlights that perfectly matched the cute, boyish look. The Corsa B was 10 centimeters longer and much wider than its predecessor. It also brought higher safety standards to its segment, including ABS, side impact protection and front airbags. For special markets, apart from the hatchback, Opel again offered a sedan and also a pickup version with station wagon. The second generation Corsa was successful worldwide, with sales exceeding 4 million copies.

Opel Corsa C (2000-2006)

With an approach to never replacing a winning team, Hideo Kodama was also commissioned for Corsa C. The design deliberately continued in the path of its successful predecessor. The Corsa has once again become taller by 10 centimeters, looking more mature with a longer wheelbase, which significantly increases the living space in the interior. For the first time, a completely galvanized body was used. All versions met Euro 4 emissions standards. The Corsa C also became a star, selling 2,5 million units.

Opel Corsa D (2006 – 2014)

Three- and five-door versions were produced for different purposes. Like the original Corsa A, the three-door Corsa had a unique, coupe-style design aimed at sporty customers. The five-door version displayed the character of a large, complete family car. The Corsa D was still less than four meters long. It was on the road with Opel's ecoFLEX technology, fuel-saving start/stop systems and high efficiency engines. The fourth-generation Corsa sold 2,9 million units.

Opel Corsa E (2014 – 2019)

The dynamic, practical and stylish Corsa E also entered the bestseller list with approximately 1,3 million units. The fifth generation was also produced at the Opel factories in Zaragoza and Eisenach. The little star, which went above the four-meter dam for the first time with 4,02 meters, continued to set the standards of its class with superior comfort and technologies. In addition to the safety equipment offered in previous generations, it also offered comfort features such as heated steering wheel, seat heating and automatic climate control. Corsa drivers enjoyed enhanced connectivity features with the IntelliLink infotainment system compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, including a 7-inch color touchscreen. The top sporty model of the small car was initially the 207 hp Corsa OPC, later replaced by the 150 hp Corsa GSi.

Electric version introduced in 2019 with Opel Corsa F

With the sixth generation Corsa, Opel has proven that it is ready to face the future with confidence. The latest generation of the compact car, which was introduced to the world at the 2019 International Frankfurt Motor Show, makes fully battery-electric, emission-free transportation accessible to everyone for the first time. With the current Corsa, Opel offers Intelli-Lux LED® Matrix Headlight for the first time in the compact car segment. Apart from this, there are many advanced technological driving support systems such as active emergency braking system and pedestrian detection function, forward collision warning and radar-based adaptive cruise control that makes driving even safer and more comfortable. The five-seater Corsa with a length of 4.06 meters; continues to set an example with its handling, simple design and practical use. The new Corsa offers more direct and dynamic driving characteristics for more driving pleasure. With this road to success, the Compact car with the Lightning logo once again became the most popular compact car and the best-selling car model in Germany and England, respectively.

The best-selling electric model continues to attract the attention and hearts of users in different ways. The mass-produced Corsa-e wins the 2020 Gold Steering Wheel in Germany. The modified Corsa-e Rally reveals that even high performance in motor sports can be compatible with the environment. Opel has also succeeded in being the first manufacturer to develop an electric rally vehicle that has been competing in the ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup, the world's first electric single-brand rally cup held since 2021, with a zero-emission compact car, thus shaping the future of rally.

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