Offroad Excitement Moves to Kızılcahamam

Offroad Excitement Moves to Kizilcahamama
Offroad Excitement Moves to Kizilcahamama

The third leg of Petlas 2022 Turkey Offroad Championship will be organized by Ankara Outdoor Sports and Offroad Club (ANDOFF) on 17-19 June in Kızılcahamam. 5 vehicles and 31 athletes will compete in 62 different categories in the organization, which is included in the national racing calendar of the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED), sponsored by ICRYPEX.

On the first day of the organization, which will start with the start ceremony to be held in front of Kızılcahamam Municipality on Saturday, June 18 at 10.00:10, the teams will pass the 3-kilometer resistance stage in Demirciören 19 times. The teams, who will take the wheel again on Sunday, June 09.30 at 4,5 in the morning, will share their trump card in the 18.30 kilometer long spectator stage. The organization, which is expected to show great interest from the audience, will end at XNUMX with the award ceremony to be held at the Republic and Democracy Square.

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