New Suzuki S-CROSS Hits the Roads of Turkey

New Suzuki S CROSS hits the roads of Turkey
New Suzuki S CROSS hits the roads of Turkey

Suzuki, one of the world's leading Japanese manufacturers, offered the renewed SUV model S-CROSS for sale in Turkey. With its powerful and assertive new face, S-CROSS was reborn with its smart hybrid technology engine system, fuel efficiency, high performance, Allgrip 4×4 traction system, and the most up-to-date safety equipment. Designed to fully meet the needs of today's modern SUV users, the New S-CROSS draws attention with its flawless design and high functionality. Suzuki's 4×2 version of the SUV model, which has grown in size and gained strength, stands out with its starting price of 759 thousand TL, while the AllGrip 4×4 version has a starting price of 819 thousand TL.

Speaking at the Turkey launch, Doğan Trend Automobile Brands Deputy General Manager Tibet Soysal said, “As Suzuki, we are very assertive with our 4×4 vehicles in the B SUV segment. We will further strengthen our leadership with S-CROSS, the newest member of our SUV Family. In line with the demands of our customers, we increased our concentration on our 4×4 models both in Vitara and S-CROSS. When we look at the sales figures, we, as Suzuki, dominate almost the entire segment. In addition, 91% of the vehicles we sell consist of models with smart hybrid technology. We continue to increase our sales by becoming one of the important players in the rapidly growing hybrid market every year. In addition to its strengthened design and new technologies, our brand new S-CROSS model, which offers both performance and economy with its 1.4L Boosterjet Intelligent Hybrid technology engine, will also make a significant contribution to this growth.”

Represented in our country by Doğan Trend Automotive, a subsidiary of Doğan Holding, Suzuki is preparing to change the balance in its class with the renewed SUV model. It draws attention with its innovative design language, powerful hybrid engine and ambitious starting price.

Suzuki S-CROSS, which succeeded in collecting, hit the roads of Turkey. With a starting price of 759 thousand TL, the new S-CROSS brings together all the features sought in an SUV model. Suzuki intimidates its competitors with its bold design, innovative technologies, superior power, efficiency and functionality. The brand, which has brought its world-renowned SUV experience to perfection in its brand new model S-CROSS for more than 50 years, also manages to attract attention with its leading Allgrip 4-wheel drive system. In addition, with its 1.4 liter Boosterjet 48V Smart Hybrid engine, it manages to offer both power, efficiency and savings at the highest level.

“Power through our Smart Hybrid sales kazanWe will continue May”

Speaking at the Turkey launch of Suzuki S-CROSS, Doğan Trend Automobile Brands Deputy General Manager Tibet Soysal said, “We are very assertive in the B SUV segment in 4×4. We will continue to be the leader of this segment with S-CROSS. In line with the demands of our customers, we increased our concentration on our 4×4 models both in Vitara and S-CROSS. When we look at the sales figures, we, as Suzuki, dominate almost the entire segment. The importance of hybrid engines is increasing day by day in the process of transitioning to electric models worldwide. As Suzuki, 91% of the vehicles we sell are smart hybrid models. By becoming one of the important players in the hybrid market, which grows rapidly every year, we continue to increase our sales and thus achieve growth. In addition to its strengthened design and new technologies, our brand new S-CROSS model with its 1.4L Booster Intelligent Hybrid technology engine will also make a significant contribution to this growth.”

“Security is a necessity, not a luxury”

Emphasizing that the S-CROSS model also has safety equipment that will make a difference in its class, Tibet Soysal said, “As a brand, we think that safety is not a luxury but a necessity, and we position our vehicles in this way. In this direction, we offer advanced safety equipment such as 360 Degree Surrounding System, Lane Keeping and Violation Warning System, Yaw Warning, Blind Spot Warning System, Reversing Traffic Alert System, Emergency Brake Signal, Adaptive Cruise Control as standard in our new S-CROSS model. said.

Best performance in all conditions: Allgrip 4×4

The all-wheel drive system, which Suzuki calls Allgrip Select, has four different driving modes. With its four driving modes called Auto, Sport, Snow and Lock, the New S-CROSS manages to offer the best performance in all conditions. The Allgrip all-wheel drive system adjusts the amount of torque between the two axles and optimizes the four driving modes with the support of ESP, engine power, power steering and other integrated systems.

Eyes on with its powerful SUV design

From the very first eye contact, the new S-CROSS looks like a powerful SUV. The attention to detail in the exterior and interior design gives it a strong and confident vehicle appearance. kazanyelling. S-CROSS's large and imposing front grille, painted in piano black, is complemented by the Suzuki logo placed on the chrome strip. Silver trim at the front and rear adds to the aggressive SUV look of the new S-CROSS. Front and rear LED lighting units provide a technological and modern look. kazanThe angular fender arches add a strong sense of confidence to the side design. kazanyelling. In addition, the new SUV model manages to appeal to users with different tastes with its 8 different color options.

New body colour: Titan Gray

Titan Gray, determined as the launch color, stands out as the new body color that Suzuki will use for the first time in S-CROSS. The pearlescent metallic body color reinforces the SUV design of the new S-CROSS.

Simple and useful interior

The new S-CROSS, which has a strong exterior appearance, draws attention with its rich equipment inside. Aiming to reflect the sense of adventure while offering a pleasant and comfortable experience, the new model offers spaciousness and comfort with every single detail. Ergonomic leather seats with a synthetic leather woven design in the middle complete the SUV nature of the vehicle. The cockpit, on the other hand, promises a unique ergonomics with its powerful and advanced appearance. The large instrument panel displays a modern and high-quality image with its three-dimensional design. In addition to the most up-to-date technologies such as Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto™, voice command and hands-free Bluetooth® calling, different warnings other than driving information such as fuel consumption, driving distance, Suzuki Smart Hybrid System energy flow, backup camera, 360 surround view system and details such as the 9-inch infotainment system that also displays information on parking sensors and the Allgrip Select panel on the gear console make the high-tech interior stand out.

high comfort

Designed to meet the needs of different SUV users from its spacious interior to flexible trunk, the new S-CROSS offers a large and spacious living space for 5 adults. Seating comfort offered to front passengers does not require rear seat passengers to compromise on comfort, who also have the option to adjust the position of the backrest for greater comfort. The cabin is equipped with many storage spaces and amenities to meet the needs of the passengers.

Spacious trunk for all members of the family

The wide trunk offers a volume of 430 liters according to the VDA measurement norm. The luggage floor, which can be used in different positions as well as the rear seat backrests, which are folded in two 60:40 parts, offers a flexible structure suitable for the purpose of use. Whatever the destination, the new Suzuki S-CROSS offers space and comfort for five adults and their luggage.

Efficiency and performance combined

The new S-CROSS is equipped with a high-torque 1.4 Boosterjet direct injection turbo petrol engine. The turbocharger with intercooler directs the compressed air to the combustion chambers, providing high torque production at lower revs. While this provides high traction power, it also offers the highest level of efficiency. The direct injection system optimizes fuel quantity, timing and pressure for enhanced performance and efficiency. Efficiency is increased thanks to electric intake variable valve timing (VVT), cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and high compression ratio.

Powerful Suzuki Intelligent Hybrid System

Equipped with a 48V mild hybrid system to offer even higher fuel efficiency, the new S-CROSS reduces fuel consumption by supporting the internal combustion engine with an electric motor under normal driving conditions. In power-hungry driving conditions, the system increases torque and improves torque sensitivity. Thus, a more lively and smoother ride is obtained.

Making a difference with safety equipment

The new S-CROSS is equipped with Suzuki Safety Support, which incorporates different systems that utilize cameras and sensors to assist in driving and safety. In addition to warning systems such as Lane Tracking and Violation Warning System, Yaw Warning, Blind Spot Warning System, Reverse Maneuvering Traffic Warning System, Emergency Brake Signal, Suzuki Security Support offers the highest level of safety with the following driving technologies:

The Dual Sensor Brake Assist System (DSBS) detects whether there is a risk of collision with a vehicle or pedestrian, with the help of the monocular camera and laser sensor located at the top of the windshield, while the car is moving forward. When the system detects a potential collision, it gives a visual and audible warning and/or automatically applies the brakes, depending on the situation.

Adaptive Cruise Control with stop and go feature, adaptive cruise control system together with 6-speed automatic transmission offers stop and go function. The system autonomously controls the accelerator and brake pedal so that the driver maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front. It can accelerate and brake according to the distance with the vehicle in front. The Stop & Go function can stop the car completely when necessary and then continue to follow the car in front when traffic starts to move again within 2 seconds.

360-degree view system provides additional safety and comfort during maneuvering. Four cameras, front, rear and both sides offer a variety of views, including a 360-D view for safe driving and a bird's eye view for safer parking manoeuvres.

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