Mercedes-Benz eActros Takes the Stage at the Driving Experience Event

Mercedes Benz Takes the Stage at the eActros Driving Experience Event
Mercedes-Benz eActros Takes the Stage at the Driving Experience Event

Aiming to introduce e-mobility to truck customers from all over Europe, Daimler Truck organized an event in Germany called "Driving Experience".

International journalists had the opportunity to get to know and use the world's first heavy-duty electric truck eActros and the brand's flagship Actros L. eActros, which can be preferred with three or four battery packs and offer a range of up to 400 km, can be charged with instantaneous power up to 160 kW.

Daimler Truck introduced the world's first heavy-duty electric truck eActros, which was launched in June 2021 and started mass production at the Wörth Factory, to international journalists at the event it called "Driving Experience". Offering the opportunity to get to know and use the brand's flagship Actros L, as well as eActros, the company will also organize a customer event that lasts for several weeks for approximately 1000 participants from all over Europe. At the event, customers will be given detailed information about infrastructure, services and electric trucks. In addition, customers will have the opportunity to use the eActros 300 on challenging routes and with realistic loads.

The eActros, the first production electric truck to bear the Mercedes-Benz star, has a range of up to 400 km

Depending on the model, eActros with triple or quadruple battery packs and a range of up to 400 km can be charged up to 160 kW. The triple batteries can be charged from 400 percent to 20 percent in just over an hour at a standard DC fast-charging station with a charging current of 80A.

Daimler Truck has created eActros, which are ideal for daily distribution operations, with an inclusive system, including consultancy and service services, in order to support transport companies at every stage of their transition to e-mobility. Thus, the brand will provide the best possible driving experience, as well as support in cost optimization and the creation of charging infrastructure.

The serial production eActros is initially launched in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, while work continues for other markets.

eActros Longhoul prepares for mass production in 2024

The company, which has been carrying out important R&D studies on electric vehicles for many years, plans to make the eActros LongHaul, which can travel approximately 500 kilometers on a single charge, ready for mass production in 2024. The company, which has started to conduct various tests of the first prototypes of the 40-ton truck, aims to start the driving trials of the vehicle on public roads this year. The eActros LongHaul also enables high-performance charging, called “megawatt charging”.

While studies are continuing for different models of eActros, including the eActros 300 and eActros 400, the eEconic, which will be produced for public service use, is planned to hit the roads in July. The eEconic will be the second all-electric series production vehicle produced in Wörth.

The battery-electric Mercedes-Benz eEconic made its trade fair premiere at IFAT, the world's leading water, sewage, waste and raw material management fair, held in Munich from 30 May to 3 June 2022. Having lower noise emissions, eEconic stands out with its structure suitable for urban applications realized in the early hours.

Daimler Truck aims to achieve CO2050 neutral transport by 2

By 2039, Daimler Truck aims to offer only new vehicles that are CO2-neutral in operation in Europe, Japan and North America. The company, which will launch the Mercedes-Benz eEconic in 2022, is already planning additional CO2-neutral vehicles. In the second half of this decade, the company plans to further support its vehicle range with mass-produced vehicles powered by hydrogen-based fuel cells. Daimler Truck continues to work with the ultimate goal of bringing CO10-free transportation to the roads by 2050.

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